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Animated GIFs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pete the freak, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Can anyone easily make animated GIFs?

    Got a sequence of photo's of a make sliding along the track sparks flying everywhere that I'd like to make into a little animated gif...

  2. yeah email me tranhtn at yahoo com au

    did you want it full size or netrider avatar friendly?
  3. Sending email in two minutes...

    I don't think you'll be able to keep in under the 7kb limit for an avatar, but if you can that'd be great. Remember 65x65 pixels max for an avatar.

    Otherwise if you could just do it full size.

    You're a champ, thanks...

    Just post it into this thread when you're done if you want...
  4. mine is... i have a few... but I'm at a loss on how to make them... how do you do it?
  5. there's a big (C) watermark on all the pics

    do you have untainted originals?
  6. No unfortunately...
  7. Unfortunately on our new work computers I can't actually install any new software. Does anyone know a web-based location that will do it?
  8. Nah there's some fiddly shit you have to do to get them right. Nam will sort it out for you.
  9. NAM's the man!!

    (that almost a palindrome!!)
  10. [IMG:125:82:ac61748543]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j291/tranhtn/peter/220406JPM_1.gif[/img:ac61748543]

    no time to shrink for avatar yet
    might have a look after lunch
  11. oh yeah... i'm happy to adjust the frame timing for you if you like

    thats some serious sparkage
  12. Nah mate that's fooken great, thanks.

    For anyone that knows, that is actually a Netrider Rob (Orcus) at Eastern Creek (i think...)