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Animal Avoidance

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Highett, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. My bike is still in the shop waiting on parts, recovering from my latest Roo Strike on the Urbenville ride, with a little luck I will have it back for Nambucca.

    I have tried the air activated sonic wildlife whistles, not impressed
    Shoo Roo Sonic Animal Repeller

    I have looked at the electronic ShuRoo system but think it is too bulky for a bike and too expensive to trial.
    ShuRoo Wildlife Collision Prevention

    I found this product from the states that looks interesting made for bikes and priced to make trying it out worth while.
    XP3 Hornet Deer Alert System for Motorcycles

    It does say deer alert system in the heading but states that is is good for other wildlife as well, so I'm game.

    Its in the mail, if it works great, if not I'm no worse off


  2. How similar is the hearing of deer and roos?
  3. Q. Is The Hornet effective on all animals, such as moose, cows, kangaroo, etc.?
    A. Not necessarily. The Hornet is very effective with deer due to the fact that deer have extremely keen hearing and are very skittish animals. Deer will hear The Hornet's sonic wave up to 1,700 feet away, allowing them more than ample time to assess where the sound is coming from, determine that there is possible danger, and move away from the road surface.
  4. They say in their product blurb - This sonic wave has proven its ability to alert deer and most other animals, does this include Roo's, don't know, but I guess I'll find out given that I have hit 3 and dodged that many I have lost count.
  5. How will you know if it's effective?

    Chances are you'll never hit a too again, not necessarily anything to do with this gizmo.

    Need to track down some Roos and turn it on, see what happens.