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angry @ the world [long]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by flexorcist, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. i've always been constantly amused at how my alco neighbour is angry at the world. i am starting to understand now.

    well for those that don't know, it's a long story, but i've been having BAD luck the last few months in terms of:

    written off bike
    no licence
    few trips to hospital
    miscellaneous law enforcement difficulties

    so at the moment i'm off work for 2 months due to a brain injury. haven't seen the scan results but the neuro psychologist thought i performed better than most un-injured people in my logic and memory tests, just that i shouldn't be drinking. (Oops BADLY)

    so for the next 3-6 months, I can and have been displaying text-book symptoms including but not restricted to low tolerance, irritability and high levels of aggression. I've been taking things easy but...

    Today I splashed out on some boredom reducing things at KMart. I've been looking for some interesting Lego (I threw out my kid stuff a while ago), and today I found a big freaking Lego technic truck. Only one there so I ignored the ripped box as I figured, KMart has cameras, and maybe someone got curious as this didn't have the clear plastic window. So after weights today I got home all excited.

    STEP FREAKING ONE I know those loose bits weren't meant to be and I'm missing bits. No worries, I figure... good refund policy at KMart and I can play my new-school monopoly that cost more because I got one that has a debit card machine instead of money. So when it doesn't turn on I notice the tiny batteries not included sign. I should have assumed this so I pop down to the servo and grab some.


    /rant about $220 spent and failed

  2. chill man... ill go to toy world with you tomorrow... just drink some fruittinies everything will be cool... :cool:

    did the docs say anything about other drugs?
  3. i didn't mention them..... i had a 3 day binge w/e before last......

    was gonna go out the friday.... nah cbf. got a slab, went to a mates. me and another mate went through half of it... then went out :)

    next day, his lil bro's 21st. free beers. nyshe. ended up out after that... aaaah.

    the sunday... we didn't finish all the birthday beers. so we did it on sunday. then i get a call after.... hey wanna go for a drive to derrinelum, it's a couple hours.... yeah no worries. so i take me dinner with me. got into a country pub with no shoes on. had a bit of *candy*.... nice we'll be awake for the drive home. then with a beer in the kitchen, my mate has some no doze too. then smiles and says, hey, have some of those... so a handful of no doze and sleeping pills later we're off. about half hour into the drive home... i can't do this, can you drive? so i try. and i fail. so the mrs cops the driving for what should have been a bit. but we both passed out. it took me until tuesday to walk again.

    so dad's been lecturing because he knows about some candy things. so i ease up... only had a few on saturday. don't remember getting home....

    brain injury + things = bad move :(
  4. lol dude.... sounds like you need to cut down on the crap and hit the quality :p
  5. the drive to nellum was to take $4500 worth of quality to his cousin :p
  6. Didn't sell a GSXR to a bloke with a trailer for far below what is was worth recently, did you?
  7. nah that was a dude named vic
  8. batteries are NEVER included, expect that :).
  9. nah... gotta go grab me smashed bike and strip/sell it... and sell me datto... and register my HD while I have my health care card :)

    then get another bike.
  10. Everyone goes thru shit in life.
    Just no one brags about it so you never hear about it.
    Although you do see some of these guys on Cops and Jerry Springer.

    Man.. just think about all the people out there that are worse off than you.
    Go hang out in iraq or a gutter in footscray to make urself feel better
  11. lol yeah dude.. at least you mum isnt screwing your best friend AND your girlfriend...
  12. lol i know everyone goes through things.... but i've had a lot lately.

    seriously.... 2 years ago i was ready to buy my first house.

    last 3 months i've had:

    written off bike by a dude that went through a red light and gave me false address my own fault being circumstances meant the police are not prepared to help me finding them.

    car smashed by person who has since moved to NZ, her BF owes me $1600.

    broken jaw.

    bruising of brain from a chair to the back of the head, and a nice scar on my face from (police and dr's say undeterminable) either a bottle or a pocket knife, all from helping a shopkeeper getting beaten up.

    so with my $420 a fortnight from centrelink... i've had to go and buy some new clothes and shoes as I've got several held with the police for DNA testing, (some where i got the beating, some where i gave).

    i've also got some pending law issues, and in my next one, court case in April, I guess I'll have to go legal aid coz $420 a fortnight ain't gonna cut it....

    also i'm an only child so i enjoy alone time. but with my injury and temporary short temper... i've had the gf and 6 month old twins staying with me and dad in a small 2 bedroom flat so that also can be a bit much coz it's small here. and the pet fllies annoy me :)

    there's people worse off than me but at the moment things have sucked some serious asssssssss.
  13. Well.. we all learn the hard way from things.
    It's part of growing up isnt it ?

    lol.. i've gone backwards with my $$ in the last few years of working full time :?
    Just know your not alone with all this, alot of people are the same.

    Man, i saved more when i was earning $11 an hour scrubbing poo off toilets and getting centrelink benefits. It's retarded.
  14. i have trouble with that :)
  15. Me too.

    But really. Once u keep getting screwed over in the same fashion, you will learn :wink:
  16. I'm out > gonna play BF 2142

    Peace :cool:
  17. So, let me get this straight, you drink, got into a fight, and it's the world's fault?
    Please, tell us the whole story before expecting sympathy.
    I find if you don't put yourself in teh position to get into trouble, you usually don't....one of the reasons I don't drink in pubs any more.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Maaan, lucky I read the thread so far before posting because I was
    laughing.. until I read the above post.

    You've had a bad run dude & puts the leggo fiasco into perspective.

    Ride it out matey.
  19. MG... I don't think you DID read the thread... Because riding it out isn't an option :p

    I've got HEAPS of Lego around somewhere.. It's like twenty years old, I might loan it to you if you're a good boy... HA. What am I thinking, you'll injure yourself with it :wink:

    If you've got a PS2 I've got F1... Start a career. It'll waste at least a week.
  20. :cool:

    Good shit chani