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Angry Redneck in a silver Rav4

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by philmydang, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. #1 philmydang, Feb 17, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2013
    Hey guys, figured I'd post up here eventually, but wasn't expecting this!

    Heading along Johnston st towards Yarra Bend park in Kew for a lazy Sunday ride. Passed a silver Rav-4 at the lights - no biggie, we were in separate lanes, I was riding pretty slow, he was driving even slower so I can't see how I could've pissed him off. This is where it gets interesting.
    There are cars parked along the left hand lane so I pull into the right lane and start slowing down for the red traffic light ahead.

    I notice the silver Rav in my mirrors barrelling up really fast so I prepare to launch - lights turn green, and in my mirrors I see the rav pulling out into the opposite lane. Fair enough I thought, I won't launch, take off slowly and let him go around if he's in such a rush.

    First surprise - he cuts in front of me danger close and the red brake lights look like they're getting closer, fast. I realise there's no way I'm going to stop in time (victory's aren't blessed with much stopping power) so I get off the brakes and back on the throttle, try to swerve around him.

    Second surprise - He then suddenly pulls right - clear now he's trying to kill me. No on coming traffic so I aim for the gap then realise it's probably safer to just come to a halt so I downshift, wiggle the tail a little then come to a stop whilst he continues on.

    Further up the road I decide to pull up (I know, not necessary), kept my cool and asked him "trying to kill someone today?" He yelled "you are an Asian and you'll always be an Asian!" then drove off. I'm not sure which left me more shocked - his bloodthirst or his impeccable observation skills.

    Anyway, stay safe fellow NR's especially you asian ones!

    Funny thing is, the first thing I thought of as I rode off was 'hmm maybe I should post it on NR', the second thought was whether I should report it to the po po (not that I have much faith)

    edit: I actually got his rego number and checked it online - apparently it's cancelled, so perhaps the police would be interested in giving out a nice ticket if nothing else? How does one go about reporting these things?
  2. Yes, you should report it. Rego, description of the vehicle and the driver and as detailed account as you can. Even if nothing is done about THIS incident the reports stay in the system and can make the difference between him getting off with a warning and getting bent over the bonnet.
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  3. Report it, may not do much but it's good to try and keep pricks like this off the road.
  4. Yes report it at your local Police station. Glad you are OK. There are some nutters out there and they are in charge of 1 tonne weapons.
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  5. Dont report it. Find the address, and let all four tyres down tonight.;)
  6. Report the rascist prick... My grandkids are part asian and if anyone did that too one of them id go balistic...

    Shame you dont have a gopro...
  7. open face and no glasses?
    How could he tell you were Asian until you stopped?
  8. Maybe it was the "Rictory" Stickers on the tank?

    I know... I'm jealous as hell he has an 8ball though.
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  9. No idea, didn't really think to ask him at the time. Even when stopped I wouldn't think you could pick an asian underneath an open face and large sunnies. Perhaps it's a sixth sense that racists have.

    So I have (attempted) reporting the incident. Local constabulary didn't want anything to do with it - told me that with a witness he could get fined for offensive language then pretty much told me to bugger off. Called another po station and they were a little more helpful - took a few details, didn't seem to ask many questions though. Doubt it'll get followed up. Perhaps I should just go back to my full face lid and cover my bike with Aussie flags and southern cross paraphernalia.
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  10. this makes me more angry than your original post. Some racist arragant **** tried to kill you with their car and the cops can't be bothered. Bet they'd be bothered if we torched his pos car
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  11. You should have said he was speeding, they would have got the air unit in.
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  12. Just say he had a gun. They would have to take it serious then
  13. Just out of curiosity, how does one check a rego online - where do you look them up? I didn't know this was possible.
  14. Its a long link, so here.
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  15. Thanks! :D
  16. We have a report a hoon hotline up here .... is there now something similar down yonder?

  17. Don't give in to the racist bastards. I am as white as they come, but I would have removed his mirror if he said this in my earshot. Report him. Make a complaint about racial vilification. Make his life as difficult as possible.
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  18. Or don't do any of this ^, ignore negativity and focus your energy on positive things.

    You'll :)
    While the RAV4 guy will keep on :mad:

    Who wins?
  19. The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to turn their heads.
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  20. Any legal remedy will come down to Phils word vs bozo's word.