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Angry Gamer - NWS (Language)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Was reading the "16 hours of passion" thread and then I came across this hilarious video clip...... This guy needs some serious anger management training or to go for a nice long ride..(Mickeym - I hope you don't play like this :D )


  2. Sad... Truly sad.

    I'm 45 and even with my slowing reflexes could cane that punk in Halo!!

    One of America's finest, potential secretary of state no doubt

  3. ROFLMAO...

    Ok, now i consider myself a reformed obsessive gamer (who still LAN's occasionally :p ), but never have i seen someone flip out quite that much.

    I do remember at Big Day In (2003) that there were some pretty messed up little script-kiddies playing CounterStrike... a few of the yelling abuse and one that trashed his keyboard (snapped in half! :D )

    Ah, geez... just wait till that kid is old enough to drive, or drink.... or both. Waaaaay too much testosterone flying around there. I'd give his parents 3 options in order of severity. Should probably be used sequentially (ignore option 2 if option 1 is used). ;)

    1. Castration.
    2. Vasectomy
    3. Labotomy
  4. Just to be sure:

    4. filicide
    5. matricide
    6. parricide
    7. sororicide
    8. fratricide
  5. Don't forget
    9. defenestrate

  6. ooo I like defenestrate...
    should never have gone out of favour!
  7. what are you being nice to this wanker for ?
    he will be your next charles manson , just another knob with no life.
  8. Who's being nice to who?

  9. Was wondering the same thing especially after I killed him and his entire family then you threw him out a window.

    I guess Glen is into the kinky stuff. :D
  10. Nah, Glen just reckons Killing him and his whole family, then lobbing them out of a (preferrably closed) window is too nice... he deserves worse.

    Like going to bed without his teddy bear, or having his humvee keys confiscated, or worse, hiding his assault rifle ammo!
  11. send to to jail wearing crouchless leather chaps and his hands handciuffed and a jar of vasaline straped to him back and put him in a cell with bubba .
    that would nearly do it. :)
  12. Now that is nasty :shock:
  13. The kid already knows how to talk dirty to Bubba so that could work.
  14. Far, far, far too succinctly put to be simple thought crossing through your mind, methinks Glen.

    Played this scenario out often in the first, second or third person.....? :shock:
    :p :p :p
  15. <throws some popcorn in the nuker> ;)

  16. i had plenty more , but i am tired :oops:
    so only operating on 2 neurons at the moment :wink: