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Angry Boys - Chris Lilley

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Chris Lilley's new show, enough said. Can't wait.


    "He plays this game, it's called sneaky nuts. He gets his nuts out in the back of photo's."

    "All of a sudden, gun goes off and next thing I knew, I had no balls. One of the best things about having no balls is..."
  2. Too close to home. It's meant to be satire but it plays just like straight documentary.
  3. Did you see summer heights high? It was satire. It was also absolutely spot on, public high schools are exactly like that. It's still satire.
  4. Chris Lilley is going to have a hard time topping Summer Heights High, that was such an awesome show. It's good though that his doing different stuff, not sure how Summer Heights High would of been if it went to multiple seasons. It's wasn't too long and it wasn't too short.

    I'm trying not to watch too many previews as I'd rather watch when the show happens.
  5. haah yes. Saw this last month and just watched it twice.

    love all his work
  6. I watched (half of) one of his shows years ago (something about Australian of the year?) and haven't watched anything of his since.
  7. You'd be one of the few!
  8. premiered tonight, on iview for those that missed it and aren't on dial up.

  9. Sweet, just checked it out.

    Pretty funny imo.
  10. Strangely enough I don't like him either... Maybe because I'm not Australian, but I find it a bit sneerey (If that's a word.)
  11. I watched it last night with someone else. They (Australian) were laughing hard, and I (not Australian) couldn't even crack a smile.
  12. He definetely is a funny bloke. I guess you just need to watch this in humour and not take what he says too seriously.
  13. Well I'm Australian and I find him clever, creative and talented - but I still don't like him very much. There's an underlying nastiness to some of his work that I'm not keen on. I don't think "sneerey" is a word but it does describe him exactly.
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  15. not been an avid viewer of his other stuff.

    will be watching this, though.
  16. Hmmm. Last night fell a little flat, I thought.
  17. not a fan of his work, I think he is overrated.
  18. I thought it was pretty good. Got a little sad at the end though...

    I'm looking forward to the new series by the Little Britain guys :D
  19. yeh, I know what you mean. I really wasn't a fan of the dan & nathan storyline, but definitely loved the gran one.
  20. last night episode was excellent.