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Angry blames 'other cultures' for weapon crime

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Not4Resale, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/national/angry-anderson-blames-lebanese-for-corrupting-good-old-aussie-violence/story-e6frfkvr-1225835819828

    Is this muppet onto something or is he just showing his prejudice?

    I've been in fights where good aussie blokes were kicking a bloke (who I really don't like I might add) while he was on the ground and this particular ethnic pulled them off him and let him scurry off... not that the little prick ever thanked me either....

    I've been on the bad end of a five on thirty fight, planks of wood, club locks etc. were involved. Every person in both of these fights were all white except for captain leb-lookalike me.

    By this blokes account, both those stories would have gone exactly the other way because aussies have good ol' pub fighting values and would leave it at a fist fight.

    I'm sure there are people here who agree with him, discuss and share your war stories.
  2. Nah back in my Sharpie days you would see the West Side Sharps use a knife as much as the Lebanese Tigers.

    I think we see them used more today.
  3. I agree with him.

    Every fight I ever had growing up was fists on fists. But, towards the end of high school, I had a few altercations with some lebanese kids at school. Not BECAUSE they were lebanese, they were cockheads who happened to be lebanese, but Ill tell you this, those fights were never one on one. They started that way, until the big mouth runs away and comes back with 9 of his garden stake wielding buddies.

    Im not racist. Not in the slightest. But in my experience, I have to agree with Angry.

    Whilst i think some Lebanese are bad for this sort of thing, I honestly think Asians are worse when it comes to weapons. In the old days, I rarely thought twice about going head to head with someone, now, its simply not worth it. Aussie, Lebanese, Asian, African or whatever. Everyone is fuc$ed nowdays.
  4. I'm with Angry as well.
    Machetes for starters are not the domain of euro/anglo types but rather our south east asian types.
    At least in melbourne.
  5. Angry's comments are going back a fair way, but yes there definitely was a culture that you don't pull a weapon in Australia.

    Also you didn't kick someone when they were on the ground and fights should be fair.

    This mentality started to fade in late 80s.
  6. I think you have to go and look at the various mother cultures and see if actual knife use is common there. Several cultures carry ceremonial knives but hardly ever use them. Some use them quite a lot.
    I have a suspicion it is an immigrant thing (ie. part if being an recent immigrant), but it don't have any evidence.
  7. I think it's also about the generation gap irrespective of background, Gen y seems to think it's ok to stab someone if they mouth off, gen x & older would just smack them in the mouth, & if they learnt their lesson, go back to the bar for another drink.

    We also have kids turning up at parties they weren't invited to to make trouble, why else would you turn up with a machete or knife?

    It's ****in stupid & I think they need some sense knocked into them, but it won't happen, cos they'll stab ya.
  8. I'm an aussie but if my life is in danger I'd use anything I could to defend myself, anything sharp or heavy and blunt or explosive, or anything hilariously random like throwing a parkbench at someone, etc. :tantrum:
  9. I think it's both. In my fathers time Italian immigrants had to be taught not to pull a knife in Australia. That was kind of lost because there was no need to teach Vietnamese. It wasn't part of their culture. At least not to westerners.

    Early lebs probably learned the lesson but by the time the latter ones got here, the "no knives" mentality was largely forgotten.

    Now we are kind of used to it, which I think is what Angry is getting at. We shouldn't be used to it, and if someone pulls a knife, we should "teach" them not to.
  10. Its such a subjective and easy area to make a claim about.

    There was gang related violence in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's and even prior. These would involve weapons and the like.

    What angry is saying is that people back in the day had morals and due to the immigrants they don't have them today.

    I'm an immigrant with a fighting background. I would not kick a downed opponent, I loathe weapons and would only use them if I felt my life was in danger and I will not enter a fight for a friend if they are losing. I might break them up and if anyone exhibits violence towards me I may subdue them with a takedown and/or a choke but I'm not going to go gung ho and make a dangerous situation deadly.

    I see fighting as an art, a trade and a tool which can be respected and used appropriately by a properly trained individual or used by a complete amatuer in a dangerous way. You can kill a person just as easily with a wild haymaker and a concrete floor as you can by kicking them in the head when they are on the ground.

    The "good ol' days" argument doesn't suffice because today and yesterday there were people of varying degrees of moral fibre. The difference between today and then is that we didn't have instant widespread reporting and media like we do today.

    Violence will always be violence. You do what you can to win. If you don't know much you will try and cheat with weapons, kicks to the balls and friends. I think the claim that people back in the day had good moral fibre in comparison to the degenerates of today is a badly evidenced argument to make based on subjective experience.
  11. I'm Gen Y and i do not know any people that think it is okay just to stab someone - maybe you need to speak to people you criticize before believing the crap spouted in the media and by people who can't see the bad in their own section of society....

    There are plenty of people that are much older then i that would not hesitate to use a weapon in a fight or to call on every friend within range.

    Fact is that there are bad people from all generations and backgrounds, but it doesn't make good news unless some group is targeted - ever the groups that are targeted are anything but the Joe Average/generation/ethnic target audience of the news.

    If things were as bad as the media makes it out to be i should have been dead long ago.

    *Edit - Completely agree with Not4Resale above!
  12. Angry would have had an interesting time in the 20s with the infamous 'Razor Gangs' in Sydney....

  13. Yeah, teach em with a buckshot!! lol
  14. Anyone who says there were no knife attacks in Australia in the 50s and 60s is an idiot.

    Angry's comments will appeal to the "I'm not a racist , but" brigade, but saying "it's OK to thump people with your fists, that's the Australian way" does not speak for me...

  15. Just to hijack for a moment,

    who was on radio yesterday talking about the Victorian government and VP's campaign on knife crime, but Assistant Police Commissioner Ken (The K***) Lay, and yes, there was that strident voice again... "If you carry knives, we WILL catch you... before somebody gets hurt."

    You know what's gonna happen, don't you - he'll accidentally drop his Swiss Army knife at a press conference...
  16. and they wonder why the police lack credibility. 38 years and I've never been searched by the cops. Not that I think they should be searching people randomly, but it just goes to show how out of touch with reality the cops really are.

    It's like the principal standing up at assembly and saying "we know who you are, so hand yourself in before it gets worse"

  17. I dont believe he said there were NO knife attacks back then. He is saying that knife attacks are now common place and a generally "acceptable" method of fighting these days. He is right in saying so.
  18. theyre not acceptable in the circles i run? but then again most of my friends are decent people not try hard wanna be gangsta's.

    I must admit whilst there are allot of wanna be whiteys the wanna be percentages seem to be allot higher in particular races.
  19. Maybe so. He's still saying "our violence is better than your violence" which is just idiotic.