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Angle Parking

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by annastasia, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Ok time for a dumb question.

    How do people park when it is angle parking? I've done it once and the angle is wrong to me. I have to back the bike in because of the camber on the road, there is no way I'm gonna be able to haul 250kg of bike back out of a front angle park. But the angle of those parks are all wrong, when I put it on the stand it even moved back a bit and I ended up resting it on the gutter. When I went to take off I was facing the wrong direction and practically had to do a u'turn to get out of the park.

    I hope I explained this properly and it's not too stupid a question.

    Since the one time I've done this I've just avoided parking in the streets with angle parking and walked a bit further for me coffee :|

  2. If I'm on anything you'd call a hill, I'll rest the back wheel on the gutter just to be safe, a slope (but not a hill) I'll park more towards the road so cars can see the park is taken and just leave it in gear and give it a good wobble to make sure it's not going anywhere.

  3. ^ Wot he said. Also, don't park nose in, especially on a slope - too difficult to get the bike out again. I try never to park nose in b/c it's easier to see what's coming if I'm facing out.

    My bike (VTR250) has quite a long stand, so the bike tends to stand very upright - to the point that there are some situations I can't park the bike in b/c it'll fall over, despite other bikes being parked there (eg the front of Dr Jekylls brekky spot in St Kilda). Having the stand shortened slightly, so hoping that will help.
  4. That of course depends on which way it's sloping. Park with your front wheel facing up the slope.
  5. ^^^ this. Even if it means you are facing the "wrong" way.
  6. Thanks guys and thats exactly what I want to do, but I dont think I phrased my question properly :?

    I mean when you come up to a park that is front to the curb angle parking only. The parks are at bout a 45 degree angle. When I put my bike in there, back in cause of the camber, it is angled to the right, and the lean is going that way too, if i follow the lines on the road. If I dont and park it at an angle so it will lean nicely on my stand it is at least 90 degrees to the gutter or towards the left, that's gonna take me either out of the parking space or close to it.

    I dont wanna do that I have visions of some hoon swinging into the park next to me and taking my front wheel out.

    Dunno if I explained this properly again, and I'm starting to think I might just not park there and walk.

    I have seen other bikes parked there, even did it on the scooter, nose in. But they are all lighter bikes and the camber isnt that bad, it's just that I"m tiny and my bike isnt :cry: and I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and maybe a solution?
  7. Reverse the bike in. Problem solved.
  8. That's what Im trying to do, it's not working. NVM I'm obviously not explaining it properly. Sorry forget it.
  9. park on the other side of the road allready
  10. I know what you mean. I've seen a few like that, mostly in country towns. Its dumb. Sorry, cant offer much except to say try and avoid them, or take the chance and use up a couple of spots parking the usual way if its not too busy.
  11. Thanks Brmmm, =D>

    Yeah that's what I was thinking, guess I was hoping someone had an idea so I wouldnt have to actually exercise :D
  12. Yes, meant that too. Kinda thought that was obvious. Shouldn't assume I guess.
  13. I once saw a newbie trying to 'back' the bike in to an angle park, up hill. Poor bugger was really struggling.
  14. Well I did back my bike into one of those parks, damn it wasnt me ya saw was it 8-[

    Nah I wouldnt even attempt it up hill, I'm not quite that stupid.

    Thanks for the replies guys!!

    It just kinda sucks that council here thinks its a good idea to have this stupid angle parking .... everywhere. I also think it's damn funny that they have kindly added 'bike spaces', they kinda stick an angle line in joining up to one where a driveway is or these chunks of concrete for their pedestrian crossings. Makes a little triangle that would possibly fit a skateboard in it .... geez thanks guys.

    Anyways, I"m just gonna have to drive the car when I go for lunch/coffee or park bout 3 blocks away :(
  15. cars are for losers
  16. yup, that's it perfect
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  17. Yay!!!! Thanks Brmmmmmmm

    (was that too many mm's, i do get excited :-s)
  18. You're welcome. BTW, I had a quick look at the blog, it looks good. You should link to it in your sig.
  19. Ta Brmmm,

    I did it, the sig, but I noticed when I tried to put a line between the two things, quote and link, (to make it look less clutered) it told me it was too long. I've seen much longer sigs here, is there something I dont know?

    I am allowed to take my own thread off topic arent I? :-w