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Angle of the Dangle

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by PSYKC, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Doing some research for my track day and came across this! Super cool! Wow, what it must feel like to be a pro!!!

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  2. The video has been blocked by Dorna mate when I click on it.

    But in respect to this they sometimes have a motoGP style bike on a frame leaned over as far as the pros go at motorcycle shows. You could try and wriggle under the bike for a photo etc. Crazy low.
  3. Check the youtube link on that blocked message - its worth it - pretty cool little vid
  4. Just watched it. Fantastic, I could watch this sort of thing all day.

    Thanks for the post.
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  5. Awesome video, Thanks PSYKCPSYKC! Sadly I just confirmed that I'm riding my CBR500 like a scooter :facepalm:(n):bigtears:
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  6. Ditto Fr33dmFr33dm :)

    PSYKCPSYKC have an awesome time. Lol, research......=D Think I did more research over the course of this year on riding and bikes rather than on my post grad.
  7. awesome
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  8. Lol! Had the same thought ... and abruptly ended my research session! Gotta hand it to the pros though :)
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  9. LOL! I know its rather addictive! Good luck with your studies but
  10. Awesome video! :)
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  11. Reminiscent of lean angle PSYKCPSYKC was achieving at Saturday practice yesterday.......then later on Mountain Highway near Sassafras. Pity the damp road limited PSYKCPSYKC from leaning further.
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  12. Lol, you're too kind!!!
    Thanks for an awesome ride and some action shots at Saturday practice PetesulPetesul image. image.
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  13. Just remember to buy good tyres. They are called Pirellis. Dont expect them to last as long either. People who worry about mileage/kilometerage aren't riding fast enough. If you just want transport you can buy a car.
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  14. People who don't worry about mileage, just aren't riding far enough... :whistle:
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  15. Just click the 'view in youtube' option

  16. 64 degrees is not that impressive on a motogp bike.

    i can do that on a Harley;).

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  17. Nice Photoshop
  18. Who doesn't love these sorts of tech vids. Having said that, I am somewhat disappointed that the bike is clearly not leaning over at 64º because surely we are talking about the centreline of the bike. On the image it looks like they have taken a line from the contact point on the road through the point where the rider's head pivots on his spinal column!

    When I measure the centreline of the bike it show 35º from horizontal or 55º from the vertical. Just sayin'.

  19. I was thinking the same thing during the video.
  20. Don't care.

    fcuking impressive. I can't do that - can you?
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