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Angelina Jolie's Breasts

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tone2, May 14, 2013.

  1. You get a flash of them in Hackers. That's all I can remember.
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  2. Yes as it is only being done for attention.
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  3. Her body, her choice. Not my concern.

    Although, the cynic in me questions her motives behind publicising it.
  4. I think anyone high profile who brings awareness to issues like cancer is doing a good thing (regardless if a glossy magazine pays then $$ for their story later on)

    If something like this prompts women and men to go and get a check up. That's a good think in my book.
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  5. She has a man-face
  6. This isn't about getting a check up though. This is about having preventative surgery to reduce the risk. She hadn't been tested for cancer, she didn't have cancer.

    She had a test done to show that she carries the gene(s) that are linked to breast cancer.

    As I say, it's just the cynic in me.
  7. Well, at least there was a wee piccie of Helen Zorbas. :)
  8. No mention of getting her ovaries out
  9. Yet...
  10. more trophies to pop out first maybe?

    Awfully hard decision to make. She has the money to afford the best doctors and plastic surgeons though.
  11. So you are saying we will see a custom designed rack?

    Need someone with photoshop skills to present a few options for ange
  12. I see your point and agree

    Yes it is to 'reduce the risk..' But I still think having people talk about it, think about it, do something about it is a good think.
  13. After three kids, that bit was probably on the cards anyway
  14. Having a header "Angelina Jolie's Breasts"

    And not having them.

    Did you wrap empty boxes for xmas presents as well

    Ban him ban him with a flogging.

    Even if she has a head like Mr Ed........neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiggghhhh frrbbbb
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  15. Lumps of coal bretto - I tell 'em if they'd been good they would have been the presents they were dreaming of.
  16. What's happening to the bewbs? Are they going on e-bay?
  17. Thanks for the mammaries
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  18. Either way, it seems awfully over the top to be preventative, is there even studies that show removing your breasts prevents breast cancer? surely cancer could still form in the fatty tissue left behind. Even guys can get breast cancer, having good tits does not seem to increase or decrease the risk. If your so ready to have them cut off why not wait till its first detected then cut them off?

    This is why i think she did it just for attention and press and so people could look at her and be like wow isnt she a forward thinking revolutionary.

    As aly said, she still has her ovaries.

    10$ on her ending up with a different form of cancer elsewhere.
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  19. maybe she'll get arse cancer.
    then she can get implants there too.
    that would be cool

    or hair cancer, to explain why she got extensions.

    or face cancer, to explain why she had to get a facelift.