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Andy (The Mad Hatter) in Sunshine Hospital

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azz, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I've just spoken to Andy (The Mad Hatter) and he told me that he's in the Sunshine Hospital. He had a 4m fall from a house roof yesterday and has done some damage to his vertebrae, not exactly sure of the extent of the injuries but I do know that he has fractured part of his vertebrae and done something else...

    He's been in the Sunshine hospital since yesterday arvo and I know he'd love some visitors, so if any of you are out that way or can get out that way today or tomorrow I'm sure Andy would be very grateful for the company!!

    As I told Andy, I'd be there now if I could but I'm still house bound after my op :mad: Andy has always been there for me and countless other Netriders when they've needed it so I'm putting the call out for all the Netriders to be there for him in his time of need...
    Andy was sounding quite down on the phone, and judging by his injuries he's going to be off work and off 2 wheels for a while so he could really do with the support that gets shown for our fellow riders!!

    He does have his mobile on, so if you have his number I'm sure he'd love to get a call or text from you guys. Otherwise you can call the Sunshine Hospital on (03) 8345 1730 and ask for/about Andrew Lang in Bed 39 in Ward 2B then they should be able to put the call through?

    Sunshine Hospital is located at 176 Furlong Rd St Albans (Melways Ref: 26 D5)
  2. Bugger! We won't be able to get over to Scu.....I mean Sunshine any time soon but we do hope Andy has no further injuries and that everything turns out OK for him.
    Sending big hugs.....

    Deb and Dave

    Also, I have moved this to off topic
  3. Bugger all right, Wishing you a speedy recovery mate and hope that the injuries are not to bad. :) Keep us updated on how he going?
    So sending healing vibes your way.
    Cheers Lou
  4. I'm home pretty much 24/7 for the moment so will post any updates as they come if Andy can't get himself onto a PC... Hoping for his sake that it's going to be a quick recovery, but from the quick description of his injuries that I got from speaking to him earlier I think it's going to be a slow recovery as there's nothing they can do for him and he needs to heal naturally which takes time.

    Jadey's on her way out to visit him so will have more to post up later, just wish I could get out to see him myself!!

    Sending you all the healing vibes I can Andy [-o< here's hoping for a full & speedy recovery. Keep that chin up, stay positive and just know that we're all here for ya!! :)
  5. Shitty news, easy to happen though, loose tile/brittle tile and that's all it takes. Were you needing a lift to the hospital? I wouldn't be able to do it in the next half week (All the cars are booked out/being serviced this week), but if you need a lift to the hospital this week, you can put the callout out. Never met andy, but shitty news regardless.

    People, stop falling off!!!!!

    (Roofs, bikes, trolleys....)
  6. Ouch :? had me one of them fegged backs,not like here,none the less,wouldnt wish it on ANYONE.Hope you heal well Andy. :grin:
  7. well we had a little party in the hospital 4 andy last night. kept him entertained 4 a bit. made him laugh (i know its cruel, it hurt lots).

    he is in quite a bit off pain it hurts to move etc :( they have told him he is moving rooms today, not sure where 2 so just ask 4 andrew lang at reception.
  8. Holy Crap Andy :shock:

    Best wishes on a speedy recovery man. :angel:
  9. Jesus Andy! :shock: That's no good at all! Heal up quickly mate. :)
  10. Bugger :shock: Best wishes Andy for a quick recovery.
  11. Hey Andy, sorry to hear about the accident, hope that the prognosis is good. Make sure you take it easy and allow yourself to heal properly, don't overdue it and we'll see you back on the road soon.
    Hugs and kisses babe. All my love, Colly. xo
  12. thanks for letting us know azz.

    am thinking of you andy, will call soon.


  13. Just back from visiting Andy. He's in good spirits but bored and needs visitors. It is painful for him to laugh but he seems to think it's worth the pain. :)

    Currently he's in ward 1A, bed 6. There's been no talk of moving him again but check at the nurses desk for directions is you're not sure. And if Any appears alseep, wake him up. The morphine makes him sleep if he's not talking to anyone but he'll happily wake up for visitors. I was about to leave a note and go home when I found him asleep. He woke as I was going and he was like "nah mate, just smack on the head if I'm sleeping!" :LOL: :)
  14. Ow! Not good to hear. Hope things heal up quick for you Andy. :)
  15. holy shit huh!!!! thats frucked!!

    heres to hoping for a quick recovery mate.
  16. OUCH Thats not good to hear Andy.

    I wont be able to make it out that way mate but wishing you all the best bud.
  17. Riding bikes on the roof is never a good idea! lol! [-X

    Seriously though, wishing him well for a full & speedy recovery!
  18. Ya silly bugger Andy! Stop friggin doing the macarena on the roof, we told you already that you weren't impressing anyone! Ah, sighs. All these hospy visits. And there's Azza fresh from his surgery, hobbling about for you :) Call ya soon.
  19. Shite Andy, we don't need to hear about these things. Hope all is well and you mend up soon.
  20. Damn dude, see what happens when you act like a monkey on a roof, hope all is good and you are up on your feet real quick. All the best from Mrs Scumbag and me.