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Andy (The Mad Hatter) had a fall...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azz, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. ... but not from his beloved R1, but from an 8m high wall while rock climbing last night :shock:

    He's in the Alfred Hospital with a broken L1 vertebrae and looks like he'll be out of action for about 6 weeks, but will find out more after having an MRI on Monday.

    He's in good spirits, can wiggle his toes and hopefully won't require surgery but all depends on the doc's thoughts after the MRI...

    If anyone wants to visit he's on Level 4, Neuro ward bed 24D (unless he gets moved...). Not sure how much battery/credit he has left on his mobile so don't be offended if he doesn't reply to any texts or missed calls :wink:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Andy and hope you're back on 2 wheels soon [-o<

  2. wow ...fcuk... i guess it can happen anywhere,anytime,anyhow
  3. See, there's lots more dangerous places than on a bike

    pass on best wishes to him for me, azz :).
  4. I guess I know where the next MR is going via :wink:

    Get well soon Andy, will get in to see ya soon to see if there's anything we can do for you.
  5. Crap! Was he wearing a harness?

    Hope he's still smiling. Might drop in next wk sometime. :)
  6. WTF is this, some kind of annual event? What are you going to fall off next year man?
    Hopefully something soft, with curves, and a wicked smile.
    Fall in love if you have to fall, it still sux, but at least it has it's perks.
    I'm going to call you Autumn leaves... :p

    ...get well dude. :)
  7. Yeah he was wearing a harness, just his mate that was on the ground as the belay? didn't put the brakes on or something??

    I'm sure he'd have a smile for you Rosie :grin:

    :LOL: love it, will have to change his nic to Autumn leaves :rofl:

    Don't keep this up Andy, I had to post up almost the same time last year saying he was in Sunshine hospital after falling from a roof :( I'm not guna post up next year :p
  8. Damn, very sorry to hear about your fall Andy. I know the hospital can be pretty boring but the sponge baths are a positive if nothing else!
    Seems there's a few NR visiting the hospitals these days... hope it stops soon. :eek:
  9. That's gotta hurt!

    I think the non-braking mate owes him a beer or 12.

    Care to rephrase that? :wink:
  10. fcuk man sorry to hear. Hope your walking again very soon.
  11. That's gotta suck Aaron!
    Hope Andy is back on his feet very soon.

    PS: Not long to go now, you'll be back on 2 wheels. Yell out when you are ready to go for a sedate ride :)
  12. Oh dear - the poor guy!

    Andy - I hope this wasn't just a ruse to get plenty of sponge baths, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you get a few :wink:

    Hopefully I can go visit (which will depend on whether I go into labour or not) but I'm pretty sure Dougz will anyway.

    Is someone going to print off these posts so he can see them in hospital?
  13. Owwwch :shock: shock:

    Lumbar Region – These are the five largest and strongest vertebrae (labeled L1–L5). This area of the spine, as well as its surrounding tissues, can cause "low back pain".

    Recover fast mate!! And stop farking falling off stuff will ya!
  14. Yeah I printed them off this morning before going in and hopefully he'll get some internet access soon... well he's hoping coz I think he's having Facebook withdrawals :p

    Not sure how long Andy's going to be in for, he might find out tomorrow after the MRI and hopefully he won't need surgery?! If no surgery is needed then hopefully he won't be kept in there too long...

    Here's hoping for a full & speedy recovery :)
    Where was he climbing?
    Climbing is definitely putting your life in your belays hands. Seriously scary to hear some of the climbing accidents that have happened.
    I’ve only done outdoors once, and it really gets the nerves tingling.
    All the best Andy
  16. he was at altona rock climbing centre

    all the best for the healing process andy :)
  17. hey all just a heads up for anyone that was going to head into the hospital...

    Andy got sent home today!!!! :grin:
  18. damn andy you need to take up a safe hobbie like motorcycles or something :LOL: hopefully seems as they sent you home today, it's not super serious and you make full and speedy recovery.

    If you want someone to look after your R1 while your out of action, give it a run a couple of times a week, you have my number :wink:

    best wishes stewy and lenna :)
  19. hahah Danielle showed me ya photo at my 21st sat night, ur a nutter Andy :p

    heal up quick, i'll see u on the road! :grin: