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Andy and Col ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by midnight, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Was just thinking about Andy and Col , does any one have any updates on their procress?

  2. Surely some one knows something . I hope we arnt a group who donate just to make ourselves feel good then just move on .
  3. Give it 24 hours Dave and someone is sure to reply. Not all of us are on the forum's 24/7 ;) :p
  4. I was actually wondering the same thing this morning on the way to work
  5. Sorry Deb , your right . I'll wait till at least 1pm :p :p
  6. col is doing much better, his physical injuries are healing well and his mental state is much better, he is no longer in a non stimulous environment, he even has a phone by the bed (and no, i dont know what the number is so dont ask).

    i am hoping to speak to karita soon and get a further update on his progress

    i will post some more when i know.
  7. Thx sluglie , good to hear things are improving . Will keep an eye out for ur updates :D .,
  8. Glad to hear things are heading in the right direction. I'd been wondering how he was getting on.

    Thanks for the update.
  9. can Col have visitors yet? and if so...what Hospital?
  10. not yet i dont think, he still gets confused very easily so they are keeping visitors to close family only at the moment
  11. ah ok. Was hoping for som info through work but haven't heard anything for a while.

    Good to hear he is improving though.
  12. Did they ever find out what happened? How the crash was caused?
  13. This from Andy/Sparky......taken from OZFS

    Hello all, Its good to come home on the weekends to spend time with the family. Thanks Glen for keeping everyone on the info (good mate). Im having trouble with my left ankle its traving south its trying to drop on me and trying to fall off my ankle, only 3 more weeks intill i can walk, been doing a bit of walking at the moment well not walking just standing on it when no ones looking thats on my right foot no way would i do it on my left foot then i will be in hospital for even longer with my family around with me, cant wait to get home, weekends just isnt enough, dont want to go back at night time, its like im in jail. Stunter thinks he has problems with his VRT, i have heaps of problems with mine, but its fix able, start with sump and oil pickup, the wreckers are going to get to know me soon, wife says different she says a year, thats what she thinks, i know different and i will get it, or just get another bike (wont stop me now) anyways one way or the other i will get my baby going. so i spose for now just watch this space take care one and all, when we do have the wet days. when up on one dont find a dip in the road (haha)
  14. Thx for that Andy and good to see his spirits are up . Pass on mine and Rhondas wishes :D .
  15. Thanks for the "heads up" guys, glad to hear the guys are doing better.