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Andrew "Roy" Symonds

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I have long been a fan of Andrew Symonds explosive talents, and his often silky skills, on the cricket field. I have despaired of his every indescretion and in conversations have always rejoiced at the perseverance the ACB has had with a man who has so much to offer, but such obvious personal problems.

    But, unlike God, who 'abundantly pardons', I have run out of love and patience with Roy. His latest deliberate flouting of team rules on tour, and the serious drinking problem he has, and which he is either unable, or unwilling, to conquer, means that he is a resource we can no longer afford.

    I'm sad to see you self-destruct, Roy, and I wish there was some way of keeping you around, but the last chance has been extended, and it's time to give up the huge wage, and the international fame, and the display of your unique talents, and concentrate on getting control of your life before it ends up in the gutter.

    Farewell, and thank you for the many wonderful memories.
  2. This just means he's free for the IPL, Deccan will be happy about that. As long as he keeps performing there, he'll still be making lots of cash.
  3. Someone pointed out the contradiction this morning with the press conference where Ricky was wearing their sponsors cap and shirt. Nothing wrong with that and they pay the bills, but perhaps the sports associated and reliance on alcohol money leads some to make the wrong choices?
  4. I couldn't agree more, cejay.

    Remember when the sports all cried poor and said they'd go under without the cigarette company $$$?? Well, they didn't, because the booze companies picked up the slot.

    But there IS something inherently contradictory about sports which promote fitness and peak performance being sponsored by companies whose products have precisely the opposite effect.
  5. they though Hornet, are often the ones with the large advertising budget.
  6. +1

    And their other sponsor was KFC.
  7. Yeah, because boozing on tour is

    a) Not the professional standard in crickiet
    b) Unaustralian.

    cmonnnnn. Bit of argy bargy is fine. It's not like its group **** on tour...
  8. I'm in two minds on this one.

    Part of me thinks "poor guy, just got dumped from the team and could probably do with a drink and had a couple but did not make any trouble", and the other part of me thinks "stiff sh!t boyo - you know what you signed up to before boarding the plane"

    And still another part of me cant stop thinking about when ben stiller drank his mother in law's breast milk from a baby bottle, and described it as "funky".

    Sponsorship is paradoxical - KFC, ciggas, and booze all sponsoring elite athletes at the top level.
  9. The sponsors aside, the Australian team now paints itself as the family-friendly alternative to the yobbos in rugby and the AFL (I like yobbs, I'd be hypocritical to say otherwise).

    They promote the WOGS coming on tour and present a scrubbed and clean fascade to the media. Gone are the days when Boonie would drink 50 cans on the flight to England and when Merv, the fattest fast bowler with the Manliest Mo in town ruled the scene. Now it's all Lara and whatshisname, even Ricky "Punter" Ponting comes over all sensible and nice.

    Just the other day I was lamenting the decline of facial hair in cricket. David Boon, Merv Hughes, Max Walker, Dennis Lillee, Allan Border to name a few...

    Men like Simmo no longer have a place in Aussie cricket, especially when you have a long list of indiscretions already on the slate.
  10. Andrew Symonds is an alcoholic, the same as Ben Cousins was a drug addict.

    He needs help and maybe this might be the wake call he and those around him need.

    I hope he sorts himself out but his career is over. Give his spot to a young up and coming player who will appreciate the chance and opportunity.
  11. Sponsorship is advertising. Advertising is targeted to an audience. The audience is people who sit on the couch for an entire weekend to watch the cricket..... KFC, ciggas and booze. Doesn't seem so paradoxical to me.

    As for Roy, if he signs a contract and doesn't follow the rules, so be it. But somehow I think he will be just fine catching his fish, drinking his beer, and picking up a nice pay cheque off the IPL.
  12. +1 Hornet

    I was intending to post something about this but I don't think I could have put it as well as you did.

    Sad situation - I hope he is able to sort himself out.
  13. Reckon Ford will pull the plug on paying Symonds ?
    He is the face of the Ford Tough Trucks commercials.
  14. yeah good point re target audience sitting on their couches with beer, kfc, and ciggs.

    I guess the paradox is the disconnection between the admiration for sporting heroes who could not be sporting heroes if they indulged too heavily in the very products they are promoting.
  15. Hey Paul,

    I'm a massive cricket fan if you didn't already know :p and this is very sad. I remember when Roy was picked for the 99 World Cup and my friends and I all were saying what a joke it was. Well didn't he prove us wrong! I've been a huge fan since then.

    This latest issue though has finished him and he only has himself to blame. Alcoholism is a tragic disease that has affected my family personally so I know how hard it must be for him and bear him no ill feelings. He's been fantastic for the game and helped take it to another level.

    I wish him all the best for the future and I'll always talk to my son about how great Roy was for the game as a cricketer. I'll miss him :(
  16. i;m in two minds.

    one is of course, his talent and ability to really switch it on.
    the other is, once again obvious, he knew the rules and has been involved in that many disgresions in the past year, that i;m glad ACB stuck to their word and sent him home.

    a shame, but he did know the rules, and hopefully someone is able to cement their spot in the side :)
  17. Australia has finally gone soft, and all metro.
  18. Might be the case, but the other thing that Australia is big on is not letting down your mates.

    And aren't you wearing striped shirts and shiny shoes now? I bet you're wearing aftershave too! :p
  19. agreed, fancy no biff on origin last wed, S-O-F-T
  20. Time to go, Roy. Don't the let the door hit you as you leave.