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Andrew Johnson RIP

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by talon, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. From Bikepoint Wed. 26th Sept.

    UPDATED: Vale Andrew ‘Ajay’ Johnson As one of the biggest hard nuts in Australian road racing history, Ajay never shied away from an on-track brawl – in fact he thrived on it

    Legendary Australian road racing star Andrew Johnson has passed away.

    Widely known under the ‘Ajay’ sobriquet, Johnson won 16 major titles during a decorated road racing career, a majority of that time spent with Team Honda alongside Tasmanian Malcolm Campbell.

    Johnson, the father of 2002 Australian Supersport champion Shannon, was also a teammate of arch-rival Rob Phillis at Milledge Yamaha in 1979 when they campaigned TZ grand prix machines.

    Some of the Superbike and production racing battles between Johnson, Campbell and the Suzuki-mounted Phillis in the early 1980s were fierce -- both on and off the track. In particular, Ajay was a juggernaut around Bathurst, seemingly devoid of fear and with an insatiable will to win.

    Ajay was cut from a different cloth than most. When he attended Phillis’ wedding in 1983, the gift to his newly married nemesis was a few sticks of gelignite! Guess those weren't on the gift registry at Myer…

    Johnson also won the 1980 Castrol 6 Hour alongside Wayne Gardner.

    After he retired from road racing, Ajay managed Honda’s all-conquering junior motocross team for 15 years before calling it a day at the end of the 2008 season.

    More recently, there were reports that Ajay was planning a comeback in the historic racing ranks, where he would have been reunited with Phillis and Campbell.

    Alas, it didn’t happen, and he’s now departed, but certainly not forgotten. A true legend. RIP Ajay.
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  2. His funeral is tomorrow....
  3. RIP wild-man. Thanks for the thrills. For those too young, there's brave, and then there's crazy, and somewhere in between there's "a bit touched." That's what AJ was. Exciting to watch. Awe inspiring. Somewhere between brave and stark raving nuts. Some people are born with an adrenal gland that doesn't work. They're not crazy, but their understanding of 'fear' is purely intellectual. They've never felt it and don't know what it's like.
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