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Anderson Bike Stands

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by MVrog, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. I have been looking for a while, for a front stand for the MV. The lower fork crown is a bit different to a jappa, cos it doesn't have a hole. Modern ducati,s are the same. Thanks Tamburini.
    Finally I found one. Andersons in Minto make one, and best of all, the lifting head is reversible, so it fits all bikes really. Here it is under my kawasaki. It cost 260 bux, delivered to my door.
    No way do I want to go to Minto. I don't own a flannelette shirt, so i probably wouldn't be allowed in.

  2. Dear old Andersons defined the stand and now every man and his dog is ripping them off with inferior (read cheaper) copies.

    I'm just puzzled how the stand works for you when the bike is lying on its side, though, Rog :p :LOL:.
  3. The Anderson's are definitely built to last.

  4. and I always thought a stand was a stand. :?
    I guess for my first stand, a $100 special should do.
    I mean its not like its gonna drop my bike right ??

    ... right? :shock:
  5. yeah Paul, my camera is bitter and twisted.
    Pity to hear that people rip off their designs, but i suppose I could make it for 30 bux. The castors are the most expensive part.
    You only buy good stuff once. If other people wanna buy a cheapie, then good luck to them.
  6. Yep, $30. Roller blade wheels or similar, $2 each at the toy shop!