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And you wonder WHY?!?!?!.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BoogieMan, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Well I thought that there was not really any rider out there who would do somthing beyond belief on the road......... but saturday night I saw somthing ASTONISHING!!!!!!!!

    Coming down kingsbury drive (a road nead latrobe Uni in Kingsbury/bundoora) at about 11:30pm I saw a bike in the left hand lane next to a 4WD stopped at a set of traffic lights......

    I'm about 200-300mtr back from the lights and I see the lights turn green and the bike takes off like a shot!!!! SWERVES accross in front of the 4WD and continued to travel accross on to the other side of the road!!!..... :eek: This was a divided road mind you!!!...... this guy then tore off about 50-60mtrs up the road on the wrong side of the road before coming back over a good 40 meters after the divided road has finished!!! :eek: :eek:

    I followed up behind him as once he came back to the left side of the road he slowed down to just below the speed limit......... then as we got onto plenty road (where it goes to 80) he took off again trying to weave the sparse traffic acting like he was in peak hour traffic trying to outrun the police!!!.... (there were no police and as I sat on 80 the whole time in the left lane I wasnt too far behind him the whole time....) And then I got a lil closer to him and noticed that he had an L plate on and was riding what looked like a Spada or a Zeal (all those sprots bikes look alike to me :p :D 8) ).....

    Now the thought that crossed my mind as I saw all this was, in the realm of Scocial responsibility........ Do say something to someone that STOOPID!!!!! :-s :-k ?? Or do you just hope that when they come off (and having watched this fella I'm fairly sure he will) that they do it away from the public and hope that they land somewhere soft?... thus not making the pre-established brain damage worse?.......

    *Rant ended*

    RANT NOTE...... We hear of people doing themselves a mischief on a bike... then there are those who seem to be hunting it... I know we can all ride aggresive somtimes..... but I'd like to think that we never ride STOOPID!!!!!! :facepalm:
  2. You can do some crazy things when you first start riding. I look back at some of the dumb s**t that I pulled when I was 16 and cringe (U-turns with looking properly, that kind of thing).
  3. I agree with Novacoder. I will admit that I did some stupid things when I first started driving. lol!!

    At a set of lights the other week, a bike (a Comet) pulls up next to me. It was a hot day and I noticed he had on cargo pants (possibly Draggins) and a Tshirt. Then I noticed he had NO GLOVES ON and when he took off, I realised he was a learner. Spun me out big time!!

    :D :D
  4. There's a degree of stupid that goes beyond the normal learning curve. This guys sounds dangerous. Let's hope for his sake he doesn't live up to the biker's tag of "Tempory Australian".
  5. I also have to admit to doing some really stupid things in my first few months of riding... ooh :shock:, I've only been riding for a few months... I'd better shut up :p :LOL:
  6. every time i think about my first coupla years on the road in the old HQ sedan, i consider myself lucky that i was me, not those other poor bastards.... angry, angry driver :shock:

    much better now i ride a bike, no more "i'm gunna kill you" mentality, its all "SHIT, dont hurt me!" now :LOL: my how things change.....

    one way or another he'll learn. just hope it doesn't up the insurance premiums too much for the rest of us....
  7. OMG :shock: That guys is a bloody nut case. He needs the bike taken off him.

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. I can fairly honestly say the only dumb stuff I've done on my bike so far is because I'm still new and didn't mean to do it!!! Had my hoon days behind the wheel of the car, but I saved most of it for the racetrack.
  9. Any idea if the guy was young or old? Sounds like a 18yo learner as apposed to a 35yo learner who has seen the results of poor decision making on the roads for over 15 years.
  10. Behold, Darwinism in action.
  11. It's riders like those that give us all a bad name :(

    Today was "bad biker" day in Hobart as well, going down the sweeping bends on the southern outlet I nearly shat meself as a wanker used the clear bit of my lane to overtake a 4wd in the right lane, then weaved in and out of traffic without indicators all the way to the lights at the bottom of the hill.
    Sad thing is I ended up next to him at the lights, so all the death defying riding did nothing but piss people off. Tried to get his attention, but he wouldn't lower himself to converse with a learner.

    On the way home, traffic was pretty heavy (well, for Tas anyway :D ) I'm patiently waiting in the right turn lane (one way street), a different wanker uses the parking area on the side of the road to beat the traffic, scared the shite out of a kid and mum walking on the footpath (probably didn't even see them).
    I don't mind lane splitting, he could have had half mine if he liked, but that crap just gives us all a bad name.

    Just my two cents

  12. Pity evolution can't be sped up! But in all seriousness, hopefully they will learn before they do themsleves too much damage.
  13. Or much worse, someone else. :evil:
  14. It's not just bikes, I have seen some "P" platers in cages do some pretty crazy and dangerous things. It all comes down to the stupidity of youth sometimes. :roll: Although they do say, some people never grow up. :wink: :D
  15. we need some chlorine in the gene pool.
  16. Who are you calling young?
  17. If he comes to grief, we can only hope that he is not hurt too badly, but removes his genes from the pool....... :twisted:
  18. I think the dumbest thing I did when on L's was ride around in shorts and a singlet once...but I was wearing gloves. :)

    I never did anything as dumb as that L plater. I feel like a very boring person now...:?...but hey, 10 years later I still have the shiny side up. :D
  19. Last week sometime, an L plater got done for 108 in a 60 zone in Horsham (or was it Hamilton?)

    End of last week was listening to the police radio - down near Lorne somewhere this cop calls to the 900 (station) "Just saw a blue blur go past, radar reading of 230-235... Presume it was a solo (motorbike), I won't even bother chasing, but you might want to see if he makes it to where you are"... pause as 900 asks if he got a number plate ... "No I didn't even see it long enough to what it was, I presume a solo, but I'll just take a little roll along the road, at the speed it was going I'd better check there's no accident"....

    No matter what you're involved in (cars, bikes, sport, etc), there will always be dickheads...
    As long as nobody else gets hurt, Darwin usually takes care of them.