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And you thought we had issues with trucks on the Black Spur

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, May 8, 2008.

  1. From http://www.tailofthedragon.com/dragon_trucks.html

    Deals Gap gets quite a few mentions around here, stumbled onto the website of the cafe at the top of the road the other day. Joel put up a thread the other day about why his day turned to poo, with truckies taking the wrong road to get somewhere and getting stuck.



    Apologies if a repost.
  2. That looks like every second day on Macquarie Pass, although the Pass is a bit narrower......
  3. There are some seriously scary photos and stories connected to that road. The kind of stuff you tell around campfires with a torch under your chin.
    i'll see if i can dig some out.
  4. [​IMG]

    Like this one :shock:


    EDIT: I didn't notice your link before Cejay. Amazing stuff.
  5. +1 to what Hornet said about Macquarie Pass, it's pretty bloody tight up there I can tell ya.
  6. I think Deals Gap FTW though. Both lanes blocked by a semi is hard to beat. The locals go knee down consistently over there.
  7. +1 to that....it's tight and steep, actually i can't think of another road that is tighter then Macquarie Pass

    and yet it's still piece of road i would very much like to have a spin on :wink:
  8. That's nuts. There should be vehicle size limits on roads like that.
  9. There are!
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    Got a mate who lives near there and he keeps telling me I need to come ride it.

    For a laugh check out these guys on Goldwings doing it...love hearing the sound of them scraping round all the corners :LOL:


  11. Galston Gorge for starters.
  12. Excuse my ignorance but do the truck drivers get charged if they cause an accident on a road they are not allowed to use?

    What would be the implications for them if they caused a fatality?
  13. In Aus a situation like the one where the car is jammed under the truck apparently will lead to the driver being hit with failing to keep left (Obviously right for the US) maybe something about crossing a double line.
    So what… 2 or 3 points and a couple of hundred dollars. At least this is what I was lead to believe by an other netrider who had a friend taken off the road by a truck doing that sort of thing.
  14. Speaking of trucks, god knows what was going through this blokes mind??Note the tracks leading up to the hill!!!!



  15. Oh yes! This tops the wishlist of roads i want to ride. Everytime i read something about it or see some footage i want to go.
    Of course I'd ride on the wrong side of the road, but it doesn't seem to matter. :LOL:
    Are you in???

    To add to the legend, a motorbike went off the side of the road and caught fire to the bush. I can't remember how much got burnt out, but i guess it made it easier to see through the turns.

  16. Re: And you thought we had issues with trucks on the Black S

    Damn it bloody Flashbacks of brown moments.... It's Baw Baw all over again! :shock:

    Jafu know's what I'm talking about but to be fair.... that's not nearly as scary as what we found up there. 8-[ :eek:hno:
  17. You would probably be safer on the wrong side of the road.
  18. Looks like he was trying to jump it, just lacked a decent run up.
  19. it is a tough one. heavy vehicles are allowed to cross the lines and take up 2 lanes....provided it is safe to do so.
    none of the trucks posted so far are bigger than a semi, therefore are allowed on almost any road in australia.
    scary, innit!