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And you thought mobile phone users were bad....

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. http://www.usatoday.com/money/autos/2005-12-29-urge_x.htm

    Nissan puts video gamers behind the wheel ... for real
    By Justin Hyde, (Detroit) Free Press
    If you think of driving in the real world as precious hours away from your racing video games, Nissan may have a car for you.

    The Japanese automaker said Wednesday it will unveil a concept roadster at the North American International Auto Show with controls for a built-in Xbox 360. To put it another way, Microsoft will show off an Xbox 360 loaded with Project Gotham Racing 3 that's attached to a working car at the Detroit show Jan. 9.

    Either way, the Nissan Urge roadster allows a driver to use its steering wheel and gas and brake pedals to play PGR3 on a seven-inch LCD screen that folds down from the roof. In a nod to reality — and safety — the Urge has to be in park before would-be Michael Schumachers can get their game on.

    The three-seat Urge will join a long line of concept vehicles with wacky features such as Ford's translucent dashboard or DaimlerChrysler's motorcycle built around a Dodge Viper's V10.

    Bruce Campbell, vice president of design at Nissan Design America, said the idea of turning the Urge into an Xbox controller was spurred by an Internet survey of 2,000 young people.

    The survey found that "technology and gaming are among the most important attributes in their first car," Campbell said. Because some have yet to graduate from junior high school, the idea of an Xbox 360 with wheels might not be so strange.

    Part of the appeal of the new Xbox is its ability to render games with ever-greater realism. According to Nissan, a driver could pilot the Urge around New York, park it, then flip down the screen and drive around the same streets in PGR3, "blurring fantasy and reality in a way that the automotive world has never before seen."

    And isn't likely to see again, at least until next year's auto show.
  2. "blurring fantasy and reality in a way that the automotive world has never before seen."

    God help us all! :shock:
  3. Just like anyone fitting a rear wing to a Hyundai to improve performance :LOL: .
  4. careful there jd, them stickers and racing stripes add at least another 30 horses, you say wing? id say thats at least a 200 mph....
  5. Baddddd idea.

    You eva played a sports car game, or watch the fast and furious, then gone out for a drive. You drive like you 'think' u know how to drive.

    Image how bad this would b if someone pulled over did a few laps of PGR3 then went for a REAL drive. This is just asking fro trouble.