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And you thought insurance was bad now....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Look to the future boys & girls. GPS tracking as part of a requirement to be insured.


  2. Well, I don't need GPS because people are always telling me where to go......... :LOL:
  3. Hmmmm...so under that system would it be best to say ride a postie bike, but insure it as an R1??? (not putting down postie bikes, just sighting that there are some limitations).

    I think insurers would use this info obviously to save themselves a great deal of money. If someone were to ride conservatively 99.9% of the time, but for that 0.01% I think we know what the insurance company would focus on. I wonder if little things like driving history would come into the eqaution, weather conditions and where people ride. Even the speed limit can be too fast if the conditions are inappropriate.


    Cheers :D
  4. The government would like to introduce this sort of system but it would be too expensive... if insurance companies do it then we'd end up with it by stealth.

    How would you like your insurance cancelled (or much more likely the premium increased) because you averaged 115 between Melbourne and Albury...
  5. Driving history and offences come into the equation when taking out insurance under present arrangements, but insurance companies largely take your word for your declaration. This technology would give them empirical evidence, and probably reduce their number of customers by weeding out fraudulent declarations!!!
  6. I think this technology would have too many privacy implications to become popular with drivers, that is unless the government thinks it is a great idea (which they are likely to do).
  7. I don't know about Victoria Dan, but the gevernment mentality up here for many years has seemed to be "Let's see, the people hate it, so let's do it!!"

    My guess is that eventually GPS will become in inbuilt feature of every vehicle, as air conditioning and ABS have, and that then it will probably be too late to fight its privacy implications......
  8. What people start ripping them out en masse when they figure out their sleazy insurance company knows pretty much everything about them - what time the leave for work, where they go on the weekends, where they shop, who they visit...

    GPS (passive) is fine for navigating, but using it to collect and relay positional data to a corporation is a very dangerous idea.
  9. Big Brother is watching you, Winston Smith...... Some of George Orwell's worst nightmares made possible by our insatiable lust for technology!

    Who said "I have seen the enemy, and it is us!"??
  10. Be a good time to pull the mustang out of the garage and give her a touch up :D

    Surely that kinda thing would be a LONG way off here though...
  11. One would hope it would be a very very long way off say somewhere in the 25th century would be nice. The system would suck so much because most of us here ride resonsibly most of the time and once in a while have a blat on a deserted road. I admit I do it. If this system came in the they would probably cancel your insurance in the event of a claim due to you having a bit of a go at it 6 months ago. What happens if the cops get ahold of it?

    Busted and they don't even have to catch you. :x
  12. Notice how technology advances, an individuals privacy is further compromised. Its so nice there are so many corporations making sure we are not a danger to ourselves. So you pay insurance so the company you employ to provide that insurance can then monitor everything you do because the assumption is that you will break the law? Nice. I cannot see this ever taking off. Maybe for P platers to ensure that they maintain speed limits, but I would gladly go to an insurance company that didn't provide that. Big Brother is getting a little too big.
  13. Just dont go for it... There will always be people around to service the gap in every industry... If all the insurers go to GPS im sure someone will take up the gap and offer insurance to those who dont want it...

    Its like the credit card/ password remember thingy they want to attach to your hand or whatever.... They will get FUBARED before they get my permission to mount one on me....
  14. yep completely agree, it's a nice way to see who is home, what times you leave and arrive home from work, general routines you may have..... etc

    This sort of thing is going to far, and like others have said i would rather pay a higher price, for a non-gps setup
  15. instant black market on hacking the GPS console to track it's movement and then "modify" them before transmitting back to the positioning system ???
  16. That'll work for a while... hopefully a long while... but it won't be an option forever.

    This will come, as will smart card licence keys.

    Hopefully not widespread for another 20 years or so though :(
  17. Rip it off, install it to your cat and see how high your premiums go up :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. According to the great unwashed the quote came from here wikipedia
  19. The systems are supposed to be 'tamper-proof'. Just like our AS Helmet stickers, someone will find a way. :wink: It would also be open to many legal challenges as to the accuracy of the collected data. I don't know if anyone has any plans to 'transmit' the data across airwaves, I'd expect data from the unit would be periodically downloaded.

    I don't think it is going to matter, as has been suggested, someone will offer a non-gps solution and they will corner the market. I think that most companies will simply offer lower premiums if you have the box and get good data, but still offer non-gps products. I doubt the take up will be super high... would you wear a gps tracking device to help fight crime and terrorism if the government offered to lower your taxes slightly? I doubt it...
  20. If the technology exists to create it, then it exists to over ride it also.

    When the day comes, I think i'll stock up on canned food, head to the hills and live in a bunker :p .