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And you reckon your R1 pulls some G's?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by generalyuehfei, May 29, 2006.

  1. Yeah my Dad showed me these ~2 weeks ago. They are Hilarious!!!!
  2. I've got my aerobatics endorsement allows me to do stall turns, loops, rolls, and barrel rolls its great fun the highest g without a G suit of course i ve been to is 4G its a tonne of fun stall turns are the best :grin:
  3. Been there done that, lots of fun, I got to 7.3 g and did not pass out. So I know how he feels.
    One of the best 45 minutes of my life that trip was.
  4. Never got taught the roll of the top... and 4g was a fcuk up.. its regularly 3g coming out of it we pull pretty hard cause the plane doesnt have much go... its a decath and runs out of steam pretty quick u need to get up to 120 knots or miles i forget what its calibrated in by dipping the nose and then up u go :grin: oooh and spinning its great fun in the decath just messing with aileron to control the speed of the rotation
  5. omg... :shock: i so want to have a go!!!
  6. The Decathlon is a nice little low energy type for aero's If you learnt in one of those you probably learnt well. One thing though, you mention altering speed of rotation in a spin with ailerons? Are you sure it wasn't a spiral dive? In a spin the aircraft is stalled, and the ailerons do fcuk all, you control spin rate with rudder. You recognise a spin by airspeed being stable, and a spiral dive by airspeed increasing. The correct recovery from a spiral dive is aileron, from a spin it's rudder. Get those two confused and you will wake up dead.
  7. mate how do i got about getting one of these test flights??
    :grin: :grin:
  8. When the decath is in the spin if u put aileron into the spin it spins quicker and if u put aileron in the oposite direction in will spin slower. This is of course with full elevator and full rudder booted in. Its definately a spin and not a spiral dive
  9. It's funny...for me the thought of 45 minutes of 7.3g aerobatics with someone else at the controls = nightmare.

    It's like fairground rides and roller coasters - a control freak like me needs to be able to stop the damn thing if/when he wants to. It isn't the ride itself I hate, it's being stuck on it.

    Co-pilot to pilot: "Put this bloody thing on the ground now - gently, mind you - or I'll vomit all over your head. I have a full stomach and I'm not afraid to use it". :LOL:
  10. :LOL: In the last clip he gets the doggy bag out and asks the pilot if he should use the bag or wait till he gets on the ground (i.e. Are we going to land now??? If not i'm going to barf). The pilot said they were on the way back so wait it out if he could. :LOL:
  11. brilliant stuff :D

    my dad's been up in countless fighters, and regularly flys with the roulettes, occasionally with the red arrows, and a couple of times a year in F-A18's, F-111's, and a bunch of others - he's a photographer for the defence force (warrant officer), lucky shit

    i've yet to be in anything smaller than a domestic airliner lol

    but it's one that i have to tick off the list one day :D

    the blue angels would be insane :D