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And this mornings motarded moment goes to...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by smileedude, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. So I was filtering through the harbor tunnel in a fairly relaxed manner this morning. "Filter filter filter filter filter filter bus" my mind went.

    The bus and BMW gap was way too small not even close. We are talking less than handle bar gap. So I sat in the gap waiting for an opportunity.

    Then I hear a "rev rev rev rev" behind me. So I moved over and kicked the impatient motard past. I thought he'd probably go through the gap when it widened out a little before me.

    No he decides he is going to go straight through the gap. Now I learnt in preschool that if you try to fit a shape into a hole that is too small it doesn't work. He obviously missed that lesson. He hits the bus. Rebounds into the BMW mirror, smashes it. Several fish tails nearly going underneath a few cars then speeds off.

    The BMW is fuming and blocking me off so I decided to wait a little before tempting fate.

    What a motard.
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  2. Farken hell. One of those occasions when a BMW driver's rage is justified. What model is it?
  3. One skill I have always been terrible at is picking models on the road. An er6n could go past and all my mind would tell me is that its another bike and I must nod.
  4. Naah, I meant the BMW. A friend drives an X3 through the tunnel most mornings, and I was wondering if it's his.
  5. Lack of identification skills applys to all vehicles. It was blue. Northbound.
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  6. It's not him, then. Thanks.
  7. Hopefully he had a Go-Pro. He sounds stupid enough to post it , so we might get to see it. Even better, he might be one of those obnoxious vloggers.
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  8. Must admit, if i smashed a mirror (which i have) filtering, and it was an accident not a rage for almost killing me, I would stop and give my details to fix it.

    Yeah it's going to cost money, but said motard should've manned up and copped it.

    Yes, I'm a superstitious bloke.. My luck would be if i did that and didnt stop, the next day same car would run a red and bowl me like a skittle.


    Bloke sounds like a fcukwit though.
  9. Unsafe overtaking, leaving the scene of an accident....there's a few dollars and points right there.

    It's got me beat why people don't just stand up and be counted when they do the wrong thing.

    I wonder if he would whinge if he got SMIDSY'd???
  10. Im guessing there was a whole lot of "Too much of a pussy to take on that gap huh? Let me show you how it's done".
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  11. Was this an orange motard/naked?
  12. Colour was only on the front end and I didnt look over when it was overtaking me. Couldn't see from the tail.

    I also realised this morning that I'm farking hopeless when it comes to noting details when something happens.

    You've got a mate who comutes this way do you?

    All I can tell you about the rider is that he likes to rapidly rev up and down to tell people to get out of his way.
  13. Obviously a VERY important person then, to demand others get out of his way.
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  14. Sounds like a total knob.

  15. No, but at about 8:20-8:30, at toorak road on the Monash heading your way an orange Naked/motard, very fcuking loud for a sports bike, shot up behind me reving like you suggested. I pulled over and he fcuking flew past.
    He was going 1000000km an hour and taking some serious risks.

    I would take a guess that it was him.
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  16. When did Melbourne get a Harbour? Nah this was in Sydney .
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  17. BAHAHAHAHA sorry. My bad.
  18. I skipped the word "Habour" and just read "tunnel".
  19. it would be some idiot on a KTM i will bet
  20. My guess is you got that "rev rev" thing because he'd been trying to get past you for a bit and you just were not budging (and going way too slow). Red mist descends, he stuffs through and stuffs up.

    What you're talking about is a bit odd. That type of filtering is what scooters tend to do, and it drives motorcyclists insane. That whole stopping between cars and blocking progress for other bikes thing is properly rage inducing. I might not have tried to cut through the gap, but I would have given you an almighty spray.

    Move back into your lane when you are done with forward progress, mate. It's just common courtesy.