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And there went my licence off into the sunset

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Beza, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Finished work for the week was looking forward to getting home for a nice cold bundy.

    Traffic was busy like it is always on a Friday at home time. I merged onto the FWY from Montague St checked my mirrors and seen a moto about 50m behind doing the same thing and didn't think much of it being peak hour.

    Got to where traffic was banking up and checked my mirrors again to see where he was and nothing was around, figured he'd split up the right lane.

    Start to split, check my mirrors again and there he is up my arse with red and blue lights flashing.

    And off went my last two points into the sunset.
  2. More great work by our wonderful Police. Wankers.
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  3. what time was this Beza? I must've missed him...saw someone get pulled over in the morning too...I think my luck is going to run out soon.
  4. My brother got booked today for not wearing his P's. the cop pulled him over for a random breath test and said why arn't you wearing your P's. Brother said it was on there this morning and said your not going to book me for no P's..told the cop check my record i haven't had a ticket since 2006. The cop said i'll check..came back 5mins later with a ticket for $206 and 2 dermerit points. Brother said your kidding arn't ya thats a bit harsh. The cop said thats the way it is. WANKERS
  5. About 5.30-5.40pm
  6. Hmmm...I was there about 5:40ish...I did see 2 bikes on the on ramp on Montague...maybe it was you two I passed!

    Bad luck mate...public transport now?
  7. Nah, back on the fixie. Plus side I'll get fit again and gives me three months to bling my bike with the money saved on petrol.
  8. It's the end of the month. He had to make the quota somehow.
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  9. That sucks big time, sorry to hear you got done. Blah
  10. Most are wankers...........

    Nearly all my rides now I catch a cop doing something illegal and getting away with it. This one was from yesterday night at around 12:30am (at the end of the video)...............a couple of days ago some cop decided to park his car in the middle of the road and just sitting there doing F all.................so really, who polices these MOFO's?

    I suspect that the DIVY van I saw was just doing laps along the road trying to catch people out.
  11. How long till you get your license back?
  12. If he gives me 2 points it will be 3 months if it's 3 points it will be 4 months. I'm still on my P's.
  13. words fail me
  14. The Ps system blows, get done doing 3 over the posted limit - no license, accidentally go 60 in a school zone (or 50), no license.
  15. Losing your license for something as trivial as that is just crap.
  16. That it is. And it wasn't like I was splitting at speed, even being polite didn't get me any where other than a response "good way to get yourself killed".
  17. Would love to know how many fatal filtering incidents he's attended.

    Bad luck mate - at least you're looking at it as positively as possible.
  18. Yeah I'm just wondering do I keep the bike and bling it or sell it and save some xtra cash and at the end of the three months go and buy a litre bike.

    It will be my sixth bike in three years lol
  19. By the way, what was the actual offense?