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... and then the rope snaps. More than a little bit scary

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8399970/terror-bungee-fall-like-being-slapped-tourist

    Video in link

    An Australian tourist says she felt like she was "slapped all over" after her bungee jumping cord snapped and she plunged into the Zambesi River, on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    Erin Langworthy, 22, was forced to swim through the rapids with her feet still tied together after she fell from the Victoria Falls bridge, 111-metres above the water, on New Year's Eve.

    Lucky she kept her head and didn't go into shock. Damn near incredible really.
  2. ah masochism, what crimes are committed in thy name :LOL:
  3. Big turkey slap
  4. i'm sure that version of bungee jumping will catch on in NZ. They'll just call it "extreme"
  5. They reckon motorcycle riding is dangerous. How stupid are you to throw yourself of a really high ledge with a piece of elastic tied around your ankle, especially in a third world country.
  6. Yep I did that in queensland, defo a third world up there :p
  7. At least she only had to pay half price!
  8. There's a lot to like there. Pretty girl, nice girl, real danger, things go wrong, she saves her own life with courage and clear thinking under pressure. I'm very impressed.
  9. There's probably been several hundred thousand jumps over the years and hers failed. I still like those odds. (4 time bungee jumper - 299,996 to go :) )
  10. Was stupid enough to go bungee jumping, I don't care :D

    I suppose the only real lucky thing is the bungee cord snapped when fully extended so at least it would've wiped off a lot of her downward speed, still would've hurt though.
  11. You'd be surprised how many people do it there. I remember Sitting on the Zambian bank in Livingston watching them jump. Not my cup of tea but I understand the appeal. No way known I'd do it in Africa though *shudder*
  12. Given that that's when the force on the cord is greatest, it's most likely to let go at full extension. Good job it didn't wait 'til she was at the bottom of the (much higher) first bounce.
  13. Bungy jumped off the Bhotekoshi river in Nepal a year ago, One of the highest in the world jumping off a footbridge to crazy raging torrents below! The scariest i have ever been but was also the most fun i have had... yet!!

    Now i wanna go back for the canyon swing, which is apparently the highest and longest swing in the world!
  14. I jumped at Bloukrans bridge, South Africa last year. Its the highest bridge jump in the world.

    The worst bit was walking out to the middle of the bridge, over a rusty, cracked steel grate.
    This pic must be from when it was new, it was NOT like that when I walked out there!

    We couldnt get a straight answer on how often the ropes are checked or changed, everyone we asked gave us a different answer!
    lucky that one didn't break, its over rocky terrain.

    This was SOO much better than the QLD jumps that I've done, the rebound at FACE was bigger than my jump at surfers!
  15. Of course, for those considering bungee jumping to be insufficiently extreme, there was the company in the UK (coincidentally run by my brother's ex's brother) which would fire you from a trebuchet. Until someone missed the catch-net and died :shock:.
  16. I've heard that life is a risk that no one survives. If it weren't for a bad neck I'd bungee jump for sure.