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VIC and the vespa won

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twistngo, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. The Age had a commuter race from Malvern into the city (Melbourne)

    Times were

    Brett (Vespa) 19 minutes.
    Byron (bicycle) 32 minutes.
    Stephen (bicycle) 33 minutes.
    Sonia (bicycle) 42 minutes.
    The Saturday Age (car) 45 minutes.
    Grant (tram) 51 minutes.
    Maxine (car) 53 minutes.
    Tamara (walk/train) 55 minutes.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/ride-to-work-20111008-1le8s.html#ixzz1a8IVaxwL

    A bit of PR for powered two wheelers.
  2. 13 minutes faster than the politically-correct bicycle!!!
  3. At last the Age have included a PTW=D> Saw that as I read the Age today.

    Now I wonder what happen if we threw a cruiser and a sports bike into the mix? Probably the same result as for the scooter.
  4. The woman in the cage - man I wanted to slap her silly. Stupid, ignorant, intolerant, judgemental biatch.
  5. I'm more interested on why they didn't include them in the first place. Would have probably beat the Vespa, and looked 100% cooler doing so.
  6. Sports bikes don't look 'cool'... although some do look 'hot', there are 'cool' cruisers though (far from all of them though) and as for the Vespa that's about the only scooter with any trace of 'cool' (and that's mainly because of it's long history).
  7. But the rider would look cooler, not the bike! :D
  8. Did anyone else think the car driver sounded like Julia Gillard?
  9. I am not sticking up for her, but I agree with her about the lycra - it's ridiculous.
  10. Non riders give onesie leather wearing riders shit abt being a wannabe. They dont get it, but we do. Same goes for non cyclists and lycra.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
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  11. nah, nothing would beat a scooter. can get through gaps that sportsbikes can't. i sometimes envy them that.
    the scooter was designed to kick ass in exactly that envireoment. untill jet packs are more widely available and affordable, scooter for the win.

    and fwiw, that's comming from someone who thinks scooters are gayer than jesus himself
  12. It's my understanding that one-piece leathers are designed to protect the rider in the event of a fall. I'm happy to learn what functional benefit lycra has to a cyclist.
  13. http://www.bikeforums.net/archive/index.php/t-368031.html

    Not much about safety but these are the lycra "benefits"
  14. Hmm ok, so it's kind of like a wetsuit. But I think Rob was right, I will never understand it.
  15. Im sorry to say it, but out and out comfort when doing long rides :/ If youve got a decent pair they tend to stop chafing in personal areas as well. Not that ive worn my lot for many many years.
  16. If it's just for comfort, then couldn't you just wear the bike shorts underneath something else?
  17. Why though? adding layers just makes it hotter and more uncomfortable.

    Contrasting pushies with motorcycles, there is nothing functional from a comfort and performance perspective about a leather suit, it's all about the protection factor. It's the complete opposite with lycra.

    I don't ride much anymore, but when I did I would consistently do rides of about 50k, generally in two sittings but occasionally straight up. I never had any issues with normal clothes that mandated lycra. Sure, there was a bit of sweat now and then but board shorts are just as absorbent as other materials. But then I was a teenage kid where it takes a lot of bother to be bothered by something, hell I would do 20k rides in thongs without any issues.

    Quite amused by the comments crying about homophobia. That's more than a bit special, it's completely mad.
  18. Look, I'm just trying to justify my opinion that wearing lycra is stupid. :p

    Anyway, we're no longer on the topic of the OP, so I'm going to leave it there.
  19. Probably very similar. Maybe slower. I don't know the roads but if they're reasonably busy and tight, the light(ish), agile(ish) scooter will be easier to get through traffic than a bigger bike and its lack of power won't be much of a disadvantage. Back when I had my R11, there was a bloke on a Postie who used to regularly piss me off (in a good and jovial way) by making better time over a portion of my daily commute than I could.

    Maybe 'cos the piece was aimed principally at car and PT commuters who are unlikely to look at bikes as a substitute but might be tempted by the respectable and "safe" image of the scooter.
    I've been a rider for over 20 years. I thought routinely wearing a onesie on the road was being a wannabe then and I still think it's being a wannabe now. :D :bolt:
  20. Occasional lycra wearer here. I've been on quite a few 100km+ rides (up to 210km for the round-the-bay last year). 50km is probably close to the crossover point where lycra starts becoming essential for me. Read about "saddle sores" to find what can happen if you don't use the right gear for longer rides. Cotton, especially saturated cotton is terrible against skin. Lycra gear (esp the better stuff) breathes well, has very good padding around the bits that need padding, and is extremely comfortable even on longer rides. If you're going to be in the saddle for any more than about 2 hours (the round the bay ride took me about 8 hours), I'd almost go as far as calling it essential if you want to be able to stand up the next day.

    As to wearing other gear over-the-top of the lycra... no way. I sweat a lot when exercising, and wearing other gear leads to overheating, chaffing and other uncomfortable conditions.

    I know it makes me look like a @#$%, but when I'm on the pushie for a long ride, it's comfort over style, just like when I'm on the motorbike it's safety over comfort.

    Anyway, to take this (kind of) back on topic, is there a kind of implied acceptance of the fact that the scooter must have been filtering to get the time that it did?