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And the moral of the story is.......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Black Magic, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Keep a safe distance behind other vehicles
    If something in your heart says 'don't get on the bike' - LISTEN UP!!!!

    I just came within a metre of being dead!

    It is my day off today- a beautiful sunny day here. I woke up and decided to go on a ride through the mountains on my own. I had a nagging feeling not to go, but the day is gorgeous so I shook off the nagging doubt and put on my leathers.

    The twisties were great- no traffic on a Monday- nice ride. I came to a T-intersection where the main road leads out to the highway home, there was a truck full of wheelie bins in front of me. ( Not sure you call them wheelie bins down there?) The stretch of road is posted 100kmh and I was patiently waiting for a safe spot to pass. Luckily I was keeping my distance to see around him because all of a sudden a bin came flying off the back of the truck! It was sheer luck that saved me. We would have been doing just over 100kmh when it happened. The bin bounced about 2 ft infront of my bike and for some reason I opted to swerve right and gas it to get away from him. The bin bounced on the road and flew over my left shoulder without hitting me or breaking into pieces.

    The truck driver just drove on oblivious.

    Not 2 mins up the road I got stuck behind a gravel truck. I was shaking like jelly still, but opted to keep riding as I thought that if I stopped I wouldn't be able to get back on. I kept way back from him as my turn-off was just up the road. What do you know.......

    his mud guard comes flying off onto the road infront of me!

    Needless to say I am quivering infront of the computer pumping myself full of coffee!
  2. SHIT what a day....

    all i can say is



    good to see you survived.

    next time i'll give the truckies two slabs ;)

    go have a stiff drink to calm the nerves
  3. Argh! Glad you got home safe!

    Pity you couldn't grab their number-plates (of course you were probably too busy staying alive or something!): this kind of crap needs to be reported.

    But definitely good calls on the leaving space... Murphy's Law is our friend: if anything can fly off the back of a truck, it will!
  4. Thanks Blodders- great advice on the alcohol coming from you! :wink:

    If anyone knows the benefits of booze it would have to be you my friend. :p

    If I start drinking it may go on for days after that! :shock:
  5. Thanks Bravus.

    I am so glad to be able to get on here and get some support. I honestly could hardly ride home, my whole body was quivering.

    Stopping and flagging him down when he caught up to me did cross my mind, but I just wanted to get home in one piece.

    I really am regretting that I didn't get his number now.
  6. You made it through both of them??!!!

    Just as well you weren't all antsy and desparate to get somewhere quickly, causing you to be immediately behind them. Good onya for your patience. Still can't believe it. Sheesh... that deserves an extra pic!
  7. Thanks Pinxie. :)

    My riding mentor told me once-
    "If you ever get the feeling that you shouln't get on the bike- DON'T!"

    Sheesh- wise woman that! :shock:

    It really is just dumb luck that I am here. I had 2 seconds to make the call-
    there was no chance of stopping. I just instinctively swerved to the side where I could gas it and get away. The bin just happened to bounce to the other side. If it had bounced differently on the bitumen I wouldn't be here now.
  8. holy sh!t, what a day! One's bad enough, but then the mudflap?? That's just lemon squeezed into the sore!
  9. Ouchies...
    Good to read your posting on this.
    have a stiff drink or three.
    You have earnt em.
  10. Thanks guys.

    The enormity of it is still sinking in. It only happened about an hour or so ago.

    I am looking out the window at what a beautiful day it is thanking the powers that be that I am here.

    Funny what you think after such a thing. I have been running through my mind seeing my loved ones being told by someone! :(
  11. wow wendy, glad to hear you are still here with us and in one piece
  12. Thanks Stewy. :)

    Getting back on quickly seems to be the best thing for me in these situations.

    That's what I did whe the guy threw the meat pie at me :roll:

    I thought the hot meat pie was horrifying at the time- the bin has made me change my perspective!
  13. So... you almost binned ??? :shock:
  14. Now now Ktul, any more of that and she will be in a FLAP......... :p
  15. That's rubbish, I can't imagine BM being in a bad mûdguard.

    -ooooh it's a stretch! :p
  16. good to see you are ok!!!

    Not dumb luck, but awareness is what saved you.

    I had a very similar thing happen on the way home from work the other day.


    I always say that it is our good positioning and awareness that converts that ONE collisions into all the "so-called" near misses.

    Glad you are ok

    Horny Jeff :LOL: :LOL:
  17. i love the bad puns coming this way

    still shaky? i'd have crawled into bed and huddled beneath the sheets by now and cried at the scariness of the world :oops:
  18. Yup-
    been huddling, crying, shaking and laughing at Tramp, Ktulu and Horny Jeff! :LOL:

    Life is all about our perception-

    I perceive I had a lucky 'near miss' when it was actually all skill, 'Rossi' type riding and intelligence. :LOL:

    Tramp and Ktulu perceive that their puns are funny. :LOL: :LOL:

    And poor old Jeff perceives that he is now HORNY! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  19. Yeah babyyyyyyy!!! :rofl:
  20. OK so my humor went to the dogs a while back...... (druuum rollllllll)

    But BM seriously I agree 150% with the comments about your awareness / reactions / skill. :p