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And the latest in WTF weirdos is...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bluesuede, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. From here

    Video available at the provided link above.

  2. I kept thinking ... imagine how the idiot would have felt. Bad enough getting caught, BUT an audience .. national TV & Internet :oops: :oops:

    "Hey Mum ... LOOK it's Daddy, he's fallen asleep again and all those people are trying to wake him" :shock:
  3. a couple of years ago it would be wow.....what a knob.....with the internet and media coverage now it's like hearing the weather forecast at the end of the news......todays knobs in society have succeeded in making a twat outta themselves by doing ......
  4. And the quote was "What a knob!"
  5. I bet he feels a real tool today.
  6. Must have been a pretty small park bench..

  7. No comment . . . .
    I have nothing to say.

    F*#K Tart
  8. Gawd, he really cocked that up didn't he?
  9. Lucky this didn't happen in the US, he probably could've sued
  10. its great how he didnt bother with a lame excuse.
    "yeah thats right,i just wanted to root a park bench."
  11. I wonder if he respected that bench in the morning.
  12. Yet another stupid prick... :LOL:
  13. guess he stepped on his dick this time!

    We have way too many spiders
  15. I hope it was a female bench,otherwise that would just be sick :)
  16. reminds me of that "is my bike a guy or girl" thread

  17. *wakes up*
    hey... um, Bunch
    last night was really great and fun, but i'm like really late for an early meeting so i have to um, GO. good seeing you too Bunch, i mean, um... Bench, yes, you too, BYE. I'll call you!

    just like all the other girls...
  18. wince

    The moral of the story, boys, is that putting anything rigid around it when it's soft is a REALLY BAD IDEA.

    Maybe they're all dyslexic, and get the (excellent) idea of putting something soft around it when it's rigid frack to bunt?