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And some times it's the bull's turn :)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Woodsy, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. hahaha, he full on just hops over it.


    A man was having a holiday in mexico and went to a small restuarant in the middle of town, he sat down waiting for order when he smelt the guys food next to him, it smelt so nice when the waiter arrived he said "whats that guy having?
    waiter replied "bulls testicles"
    the man thought for a while and figured, bugger it. may aswell try everything once and said "i'll have the same thing!"
    but the waiter replied "i'm sorry senor`, they are from today bull fight and we only had one pair, please come back tomorrow"

    so the next day he goes back and orders the balls, eats them all down and says to the waiter "they tasted great! but why were they much smaller than the guys last night?"
    the waiter replies "well senor, sometimes the bull wins"
  2. Did i just see a guy, mere inches away from the bull's horns, while everyone was kicking and screaming out of the way....taking A PHOTO?!!??
  3. Good pickup :LOL:

    Yeh, happened at the 32-33sec mark.
  4. He's a REAL Photographer :grin:
  5. yeah, i noticed that too :shock: and of course, someone was filming the whole lot :LOL: good on the bull - shame he woulda got killed anyway. it had spunk - deserved better :cry:
  6. moved

    Cheers :cool:
  7. Don't you mean mooved?
  8. :shock: Geez, that guy with the camera didn't muck around. I think I remember seeing this on the news a while ago.
  9. Aaaarrrgghh! ](*,) :wink: