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And some riders wonder why they have accidents

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Rickter8, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. I have to have a vent against a biker, specifically the guy on the black (?? Don't know, was going too fast) who just managed to squeeze between myself in the work ute, the fuel tanker in front I was following, and the bus load of school kids next to me in the right hand lane of the Port River Expressway today.

    This is a 90 zone and he came up behind us going way over the limit and didn't even seem to slow down to weigh up the situation. The roads were wet and it was very windy. When he wobbled from side to side and nearly took out my drivers mirror, I could only grit my teeth, hoping he would not get collected by either the truck or bus.

    When he cleared the bus, he overtook the car that was in front of the bus on the right hand side near the centre nature strip! Then he was out of sight in a matter of seconds.

    There was another rider with him on a black Yamaha R1(?), who was not as stupid, did the right thing and decided to stay behind the bus until it moved over into the LH lane.

    There is a right time and place for this type of riding and honestly, if you are out there and reading this, count yourself very, very lucky. Riders like you are not making it any easier to seek justice from the car-driving public when one of us gets skittled by them.

  2. First time poster ranting against a rider, do you ride?
    just asking as it helps legitimise your rant.
  3. Yes, I do ride. I have had only one post before here, after I got my licence a month ago. I have been driving for over 20 years though. I just think that the public roads are not the place for this risky riding. I vent just as much when I see car drivers doing similar stunts as I am sure bike riders do.
  4. Ok Well the welcome forums would be a good place to introduce yourself tell us about your experience and your ride.
    Sorry but a first time poster ranting about a rider always arouses suspicion, nothing personal.

    Edit: no evidence of any other posts by yourself apart from your rant.
  5. My thoughts exactly.

    So, he didn't hit anybody, didn't take out a bus loads of kids & didn't blow up a petrol tanker?

    What might seem close to an ordinary motorist can be plenty of space & safe on a motorcycle, maybe you should come for a ride on the back with someone one day :)
  6. It's ok MV apparently he has a months riding experience and hasn't read any of the splitting or filtering threads.
    I can see this thread going south very very quickly.
  7. 20 years on the road sounds like a fair amount of experience. Being in a work vehicle means the OP probably spends a fair amount of time on the road. Even having only been on a bike for 1 month I reckon the OP has fair justification to comment, and probably more so that a lot of people here.
  8. Hey, if the bloke wants to wipe himself out one day, then good on him. I only hope he does it on his own on an empty road and doesn't traumatise a bus load of kids when he does so. But yeah I know that's a big 'what if' statement. I should have just said to myself "What a Dick" not say it publically.
    Ride safely
  9. I don't doubt the driving experience, I've been doing it for nearly 30 plus nearly 14 years on the bike, just saying that threads like this from inexperienced RIDERS not drivers will degenerate
  10. x 2.......
  11. Opinion is opinion... first post or not... no one died, yes, but the op has a very valid point that as much fun as splitting between large vehicles and endangering ones life is, it's best left to a nice, controlled, track situation where, if you are lucky, you might be racing with trucks and buses.
  12. I simply don't split next to large vehicles unless there is heaps of space.
  13. Had a nice word with the OP, he is voicing his opinion but coming from behind the 8 ball I did advise him that first time rants on threads especially on a subject as subjective as lane splitting will cause a thread to degenerate quickly.
    He didn't intend this to be a flaming.
  14. Welcome to Netrider, sir! (Ricter8 that is, not Smee. Obviously.)

    Also known as Netcrasher, Nerdrider & Notrider.

    Stick around, you'll have fun.
  15. *nodrider
  16. Ah, a new one, nice! (y)
  17. And nobrider at times!
  18. Not mine though. Stole it... I'm not funny or original please don't get the wrong idea.
  19. Duly noted.
  20. that one sounds a little homo