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And so it starts...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ghost chips, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I decided to go and get my L's in Jan 14. I'm 46 and had to get a divorce before i could get a bike! Now i am free and in love with a 2001 Honda CB250F Hornet. Got the bike a week and a half ago and have been riding it nearly every night. No time for friends and family yet (unless they want to come riding) or anything else really.
    I'm so looking forward to getting away on the weekends and riding through this beautiful State.
    I bought my bike privately and the guy put some tyre black stuff on it to make it looks nice. Trouble is i am told it is slippery and i have been trying to scrub it off by riding it but i can't lean it over enougho_O Anyone got any ideas how to get this stuff off? I'm thinking sandpaper...
    Anyway, time for a ride.

    Cheers, Ned
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  2. Don't worry too much about the tyre black, unless you are going to drop the bike straight onto the pegs at the first corner you encounter, it will wear itself off the contact area without harm to you..

    And welcome to the roads, and to Netrider.

    (Nice bike, the Hornet);)
  3. Try meths (not the smoking type) or turps Ned - anything that evaporates
  4. The thin dark strips make me look soft though :)
    Nice to know i wont necessarily slide off straight away but i think i'll hit the turps tonight.
  5. Win-Win
  6. Haha. Not a bad swap hey?
    The Hornet screams at me too but i love it.
  7. A different and more enjoyable type of screaming though?!
    Welcome to all the new found freedom
  8. Thanks hornet, fin.

    Dropped my helmet today:cry:
    Read all about how important tyre pressures were so i went to check. Nothing at all on the tyre wall about pressure. I was faffing about and dropped it off my handle bar.
  9. Ouch, expensive mistake. But better than dropping the bike.
    Tyre pressue will be in the manual. You might find it online if you don't have the book.
  10. G'day Ned,

    I'm another late starter - I started six years ago at 47. But I divorced a long time before that LOL

    Tip for ya: Hang your helmet from the LH (kickstand) side pillion foot peg.
  11. Such a good idea jazzfan!

    So that's it fin?! I have to replace it?? I think i know the answer... It is 2 weeks old :cry: :cry: :cry:

  12. I wouldn't be replacing it if it was me. Assuming it didn't have a forsaking big crack down the middle.... Or any other obvious damage.

    But that's just me.
  13. Cheers Chillidog. Nice Charger!
  14. Thanks, it's a shame it's not mine anymore.
  15. Welcome. Another idea is to put your glove on the ground and your helmet on them if you don't have another flat surface.

    Of course the CB has a helmet hook so I use that more often
  16. Oh, if in doubt come to Saturday practice. Let people there have a look.

    It will also help you with the chicken strips and I hear uncle Greg is planning a great ride after it's finished.
  17. What a brain fade! Cheers Kalkadar.

    Turns out it is at the end of my street! Can't do the ride after unfortunately but will go down to practice.
  18. Party at Ned's after practice then
  19. Haha...bar is stocked!