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And so it ends.........

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by trinity, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. And so it ends..........

    I know I promised we’d be together forever....... I do still love you! How could I not? You’re so sweet & forgiving; you have taught me so much. Putting up with my clumsiness, guiding me & absorbing all my small mistakes without protest.... well, with minimal protest, there were times when you decided I needed to learn a lesson! Even then it was always a gentle nudge in the right direction. It would appear to some that I am fickle but, the love we share has lost its spark, developed into the comfortable feeling of good friends that know each other well. With him the sparks fly; there is a lust, a passionate yearning need.

    I tried so hard to resist. It all started with a photo from a friend; I looked & thought ‘mmmmmm yummy but not for me, I have you, I’m happy with you’. Then I met him; still I resisted, restricting myself to an admiring glance & walking away. Why would I upset things by giving up something so trusting & safe for the unknown? I couldn’t get him out of my head; our paths crossed a few more times, more glances led to flirting which then led to some caresses & then I did the unthinkable, the unspeakable........ You remember how it used to be with us; the rush, the heart thumping, blood pumping thrill of every second? Well, that’s what he gives me.

    What can I say? It’s not you it’s me! There are still some thrills with you but not what it once was, as everyone knows I’m easily bored. I know that someone new will be along in no time, to love you like you deserve & appreciate all your special extras. I’ll miss the sweet sound of your exhaust & the way it triggers car alarms with satisfactory regularity. I’m so glad you came into my life; I will always love you & never, ever forget you & the wonderful 26000+ kms we shared.
    Goodbye & thank you to the Lil’est Monster.

    I also said I doubted I would ever own another Ducati but....
    Hellooooooo 2004 Ducati M800, yet to be named, majorly blinged hotness!
    This gorgeous boy is mine, all mine! (Pics are not the best, twas dark)

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  2. shiny!

    (this message is not too short!)
  3. Woot! Have you got sugar satchel holders anywhere on there? :p Enjoy your new ride.
  4. [-X No no no! No sugar anywhere near my new baby, thank you! :-k Perhaps I shall have to curtail the sugar dispensing for fear of retribution.

    Nibs & Scummie already did horribly rude things to him in the garage last night at coffee, they have pics :eek:
  5. oh nice upgrade, but why another duke:-s
  6. Wasn't about it being a Duke, I contemplated a few different bikes for the future but wasn't really looking to upgrade yet. Then I saw it, rode it, fell in love with it & had to have it.
  7. 'gratz Ms trinity!
  8. After hearing this bike at coffee the other night it will be setting off car alarms in other suburbs !!!!!!! Those pictures do not do it any justice. In the flesh this blinged up Monster is absolutely brilliant. The orange stripe really sets off shiny black & carbon fibre.

  9. Better but still don't do it justice!

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  10. Nice bike. Where the streamers go?
  11. :p

    I gave them away with the training wheels & flowery basket.

    Hey shouldn't you amend your sig & add 'Turismo 2010 - absent'?
  12. Ouch!

    Anyway, are you sure you're ready to lose the training wheels?
  13. You know I loves you lots & lots!

    Yup I'm sure but, just in case I got crash knobs fitted :p
  14. have you ascertained how much top speed the racing stripes add? :)

    gorgeous bike, mate

  15. Jo goes alright with out the training wheels CJ :LOL::LOL:

    Its Farking load too and apparently vibrates alot apparently :-$:roll:
  16. It's purrty but...
  17. After Riding with Jo the other day the racing stripes do add to the speed and training wheels would be ground off by now after Tuesday's ride.

  18. Offcentre stripe? I'd feel like I waqs leaning over to one side all the time :D. Apart from that .. verrrry nice. Congrats on the purchase.
  19. :oops: I thought I was hiding that fact well!
  20. Exccelent! Another Italian Stallion!

    Those bikes are bad ass man, and usualy very very loud! Show those harly boys whats up