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And so it begins

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Gurbachen, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Went to take the RE out for the night, haven't been able to ride for about a week. Start the bike to get it warmed up while I put on my helmet and gloves. Runs for about two minutes then dies... Jump on it, thinking that maybe the idle speed is set too low, hit the starter...awful grinding clicking noise...oh shit. Wait a second, think ok well maybe with the bi-starter, try again, awful noise again. Give it some throttle, same thing. Hop off, side stand and neutral, try again and can tell it's coming from in or behind the fuse box. Buggerrrrr...Called my uncle who knows bikes, says he doesn't know wtf that sound is, but maybe the battery's flat, try the kickstarter. So i kick down the kickstarter (wonderful feature!) and it bursts into life. Sit on it for about five minutes, having to throttle every 10-15 seconds to keep it going. I noticed that the little pilot lights above the headlight were wavering a lot, flickering in brightness. Eventually got it onto the road, road for about half an hour to destination fine. Then can't start it to get home without the kickstart. Same thing at the pool place i stop at on the way home. Thinking it's got a piece of junk indian battery in it, might just buy a better one. Anyone have any other ideas?

  2. Hello Gurbachen.

    You have an electrical wonk that may involve the battery or the voltage regulator or both. If you continue to use it, it will only get worse and involve more things, like blown fuses and melted wiring. Get your knowledgeable uncle to check the battery for you - it very likely has no water / acid in it. It may or may not need to be replaced. It would also be a good idea to get the output voltage of your charging system checked, with a new / good battery installed, because if that's wrong it will only cook your new battery. I'd get a bike shop to look at it. And I don't mean "...keep riding it for a week until it's convenient ... " I mean " ... as soon as possible. Ride the bike directly to the shop and that's all."

  3. Well i had another friend around today who turned it on just to check it out, and it started fine first time with the electrical start so i'm thinking it was just the battery being flat or something. Unfortunately the shop is like an hour away, maybe slightly less, and i'm not supposed to go over 80kmph...might see if I can call a mobile mechanic type of thing that knows motorbikes
  4. If you live in hobsons bay victoria there is no 80 k limit and if it isnt why would the 80 k limit stop you from going to a mechanic?
  5. Because he's on 'L's and can't go over 80. And if it is a one hour ride... You can cook a battery and electrical system pretty good in an hour with a bung regulator.

    The last time I had any dealings with lubeMobile they asked me an amazing number of questions. One gets the feeling their resources have become considerable. If you ring and tell them the story, they might be able to help - or at least point you in the direction of somebody who can.

    They did charge me about $70 / hour though...
  6. Nah not because of L's, it's because I'm still running the bike in, and I've been driven into a blind rage by people going just 95 on a freeway that I don't wanna be the arsehole going 80, plus i'd probably have an anxiety attack from all the cars zipping about.

    And I wanted to go to the same garagey place I bought the bike from because they specialise in RE's among other brands. I dunno i'm working for a few days so I'll make some inquiries on Thursday, see if I can't find someone to come check it out
  7. RE = Royal Enfield - ah, I see!

    Hey guys? Do we have any senior riders from the era of Lucas, Prince of Darkness aboard? It seems possible the Indians have raised religious structures to a strange many armed godesses of chaos and brought ... searching here ... "You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum... shadow and flame ..." into the world.

    Could he ride it for an hour at freeway speeds without spontaneous human combustion?
  8. Charge the battery, and test the voltage with the motor running. if
    Although if its a new bike, ring the dealer and see what they recomend first. The only new bike I ever bought, (1985) the dealer sent a mechanic out to have a look at it when it had a problem at a week old. (Turned out to be newbikeitis and a rfm woulda fixed it)..
    Why do poms drink warm beer? cos lucas make the fridges..
  9. You'll be fine to ride it at highway speeds.
  10. well like i said, i'm running in the engine and i'm not supposed to take it to 100kms until i've got 500kms on the odo, only got 200 and it's supposed to be a big deal. Also apparently one of the gaskets is rogered and has leaked a small amount of oil. I called Eurobrit today but they're closed until tomorrow so i'll buzz 'em again and see what they say
  11. the whole running the bike in thing is not a big deal when it comes to how fast you can go. obviously don't go taking it to a race track, but normal speeds up to 120 will be fine.
  12. Not a big deal anymore with modern Japanese bikes - but I'd definitely be following the run-in instructions on a R.E.

    I also wouldn't consider 120kph to be a "normal" either, since that's got to be getting close to it's maximum speed.
  13. advertised top speed is 130kmph, and in reality i've never legally driven anywhere near that in the car so I don't expect to on the bike. Given the past reputation of RE I want to give myself the best chance of the engine lasting a good long while. Prolly get a speedy bike for my next one in a few years.

    edit:: Oh and I called Eurobrit yesterday, described the problem, he said it was most likely either a loose wire or a shitty battery, but either way nothing to worry about if it still kickstarts and rides fine. Also said that if the leaky gasket (not sure if I mentioned this) is only leaking a tiny bit (it is) then not to worry about that either. Bike currently has a bit over 200kms on it, he said just keep riding it until the first service at 500kms and we'll sort it out
  14. Hey Dude.You can take it to 100 without any problems. What they actually mean is to not drive on 100 for a long period of time say as in straight 30 kms or so without varying the speed.

    I picked up my Yamaha a few weeks ago and for the first 500 kms, i did actually ride in varying speeds and also did 100 now and then.
  15. Well I dunno, with the issues the older models used to have I'm trying to do my best to take care of it so I'll just stick to it for now. I think because it's an old design albeit with new changes it's more important to run it in properly.

    And if I were to go on the freeway it'd be to my gf's place which is probably 20-30kms of 100kmph so probably still not a great idea
  16. I understand and know the feeling as well. Bikes are precious and must be treated with respect!

    I did ride like you as well but also took my bike up to 100 in bits and pieces. That allows the engine to open up properly. Anyways - I would still wait up to at least 1000 kms on the clock to do a straight 30 km run at 100.

    I love the RE. Awsome bike and I've ridden it a few times back in India as well. An absolute classic. Am planning to buy one and keep it there for the times when I go back.
  17. Buy one here and ride it there! Somehow!
  18. It all sounds perfectly normal for an old Brit bike, let alone one made in India. Your thread title says it all!