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And our Alternative is???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Jul 5, 2010.

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  2. Such is our dilemma. There is no politician worth voting for.

    If you want to vote Brumby out so the Libs will reduce the emphasis on speed cameras and other revenue raising activities you will be sorely disappointed. Nothing will change.

    You want to vote Libs in so Conroy can't implement the internet filter? You too will be sorely disappointed.

    Voting independents and Greens might make you feel better that you didn't vote for the jerks in power but it won't make any difference.

    While I didn't think it was possible everyday my opinion of the political process is lower than the day before.
  3. The Greens have such looney policies that to vote for them would be a wasted vote and if they did gain power "God help us".
  4. Similar problem in NSW. It looks like the opposition are going to get in and the media is going to support them all the way. The problem is the media are not holding them to any scrutiny.

    Last time I looked the NSW Liberal party was being run by the extreme religious right. Every time they open their mouth they talk about cracking down on this and that.

    So we can look forward to less rites, lower speed limits, banning motorcycles or any number of things, that we just won't know about until after the election.

    NSW Labour needs to go, but the media needs to do it's job.
  5. Yes State politics is in a pretty poor condition. Do away with the States, move to super councils similar to Britain. Except Police, Health, Road laws etc would all become Federal responsibilities rather than councils. revolution.
  6. Our alternative:


    Its better for our safety, health,and general well being :(.
  7. . . . . I am actually missing Kennett, no one since has achieved as much.
  8. Bite your tongue Dazzler, his ghost is still hanging around ;) He might decide to make a run.
  9. The federal greens will hold the balance of power after the next election