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And on the 7th Day ....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Black Betty, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. In the Dark Midst of a Melbourne Winter:

    Day 1 – Light the fire, get out Photo Albums, open a Red and reminisce on many a past 2-wheeled adventure.

    Day 2 – Get out all old GP tapes of Phillip Island, turn surround sound up real LOUD & pretend to be there once again…

    Day 3 – Surf internet and drawl over the latest sports bike models. Even find a downloadable file just so you can HEAR that V-Twin purrrrrrr

    Day 4 – Go ‘window shopping’ with Helmet in hand – just to look like you MIGHT buy that alluring Red machine.

    Day 5 – Get down to the model shop & buy every Sport bike kit-set you can find, use the kitchen table as an assembly point, and the lounge as a racetrack – brm brm

    Day 6 – Put on the Leathers, Helmet, Gloves. Walk out to garage, start her up and just sit there with your eyes closed – pretending to be out there…

    Day 7 – Have a Revelation – there just might be, could there be, YES there is.

    Find ‘NetRider’ site. See that others share the passion. Find out were to go for wet weather gear. Get advice on technique and encouragement for confidence. Garage now empty. :D
  2. WaHey! That's the spirit!

    I'm taking Mel's friend Dim (The Godmother) out shopping for bike gear tomorrow, that's one step closer to getting her on a bike too.

    One of the good things about Netrider is that it is a big help for folks with little experience or who don't know other riders.

    Like I said at dinner the other night, if you don't know just ask, you might even get a sensible answer. :)
  3. As long as it's about stuff!. Deyago knows everything about stuff-all, stuff-ups, and stuff-you's :LOL:
  4. Between all the snide remarks and poking fun at each other , there is some good advice given out here by some very experienced riders . Listen to them , learn from them . No matter how long you have been riding you can always learn more , even an old dog like me can .
  5. Yep, especially the Stuff Youse Jason, especially the Stuff Youse! :wink: :LOL:

    I'm pretty good at the "I love youse all" too :)

    And what Midnight said, he actually made sense for once :p :D .