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And now for something a bit different

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by oz_johnno, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. My old man went out riding today with the you-sillies club.
    one of the guys had one of these.........


    I have never seen anything quite like it. Apparently they didnt sell too well because they were such a radical departure from traditional bike design.

    A bit of a collectors item, one sold recently for $18000

  2. Ah yes, centre-hub steering

    see Bimota Tesi for another example
  3. wtf, never seen nothing like it
  4. I was lusting after one of those for quite some time... :grin:

    Didn't realise any of them had made it to Australia. Private import?
  5. It looks like a 955i triple shagged a GSX750F.
  6. 18k? Damn, I _really_ should have picked up one when I had the chance a few years ago.

    P.S. Where have you lot been hiding to have never heard of this model? I'm starting to feel really old.
  7. the GTS is actually a nice looking bike. Interesting - havent seen that type of suspension/steering before.

    Hornet - thanks for the link - the Bimota Mantra looks wicked.

  8. We were watching ninja turtles as kids of the eighties, as James Parker knocked off "RADDical" as a technical title....
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    Personally I think its a pretty nice piece of design.

    Yes virginia, they did sell them in OZ, Canada and the usa, but only for a short time because they didnt sell very well.

    Dad was talking to the guy who owned it and he reckoned that the reason why they didnt sell so well is because the setup was a lot more expensive to manufacture than the traditional fork design and the gains made in handling (especially in braking stability) didnt justify the expense at the time.

    I found a commercial on it on utube.....


    I also heard that the tank was a bit small on them so it didnt have the range expected from a sports tourer and some didnt like the fairing cause they reckoned it was a bit narrow and the design buffeted the rider.

    But no one bagged the handling of it.

    If I ever saw one for sale, I would seriously think of buying it.....

    cool bike

  10. Re: And now for something a but different

    Price mainly. In the end you were being asked to pay significantly more for a bike that was just another tourer. Back then the japs weren't competing the luxury tourer market with BMW.

    Add the risk factor associated with an unusula design and you have market failure.
  11. Who changed the 'but'???? :LOL:
  12. Really? Bull with tits. It incorporates all the bad points of a car and incorporates then with all the bad points of a motorbike.
  13. Definately not a fan of this one, maybe if I would if I was 50 I might take a second glance :LOL:
  14. you aint seen nothing yet

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    I don't know. If he had of kept the back in the same theme as the front it'd have a pretty cool retro Flash Gordon theme going on.