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and K8 goes red ....pics added page 3

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by K8, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. I picked up a new 2007 Sprint ST yesterday and have left club kwaka for good. I'm in love with a sexy red trumpy .
    I'll post some pics asap , but I have to get off it to take pics and that ain't goin to happen for a bit.

  2. The Sprint ST has always been my 2nd choice of bike... I'm jealous. :)

    Rock on k8, Congrats!

    Lookin forward to the pix.
  3. noice bike, enjoy
  4. Ooooh, 07. What's new for this year on the sprint?
  5. Seen one in the flesh yesterday, not a bad looking machine
  6. My name is Ktulu, and I approve this motorcycle purchase.

  7. noooiiiiice
    awesome bike choice mate, BUT WHERE ARE YOUR PICS!!!
  8. welcome to trumpy land!!!! top choice you will not be dissapointed.
  9. K8 - interested in your comments - this is on my list of bikes still to test ride before upgrade. $ and where from.
  10. But where else do you store all the pride and self-satisfaction you have after purchasing such a nice bike???
  11. Hahah, you may just have a point...
  12. man those luggage racks are handy... no more sling bags, backpacks etc...
  13. Well done Kate, Gotta love the Sprint ....
  14. New is a higher screen and the bars have been moved slightly back and higher. The seat is new also and the panniers are now standard. ABS is available , though I didn't get this because I'm not so sure about ABS - more stuff to go wrong.
    Most significant change I think is a second generation E.C.I which has been given a boost of memory. Colour choice now red , bl;ack, or blue.

    I had the trumpy sports performance pipes added - these over aftermarket pipes because the ECI has them already mapped. The sound now is just beautiful. Also fitted heated grips and tank protector , tank bag, and back rack .

    Its down in the garage at work and I keep nicking down there to ogle and play with the dials.
  15. Hi Mithel
    Give me a few days and I'll post a review in the proper place , but the cost on road without the ABS is 17,200.
    While Peter Stevens have got a bagging here before , I have to say that my experience with Peter Stevens Ringwood was exceptional. ( Thanks Kaz and Sean )
  17. I am not envious...

    I am not envious...

    I am not envious...


    Lovely bike, well done!

    I like the ST in the red and the black, not too sure about the blue though.
  18. they left out the two best colours:

    Daytona FA Yellow
    or British Racing green. mmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMnnnn
  19. wow... thats a nice looking bike, congrats on the purchase and like others have said we need a review and :worthlesspics:

    Have a blast on it.

    Cheers stewy
  20. bloody brilliant k8. i've always had a soft-spot for trumpys...... maybe next time ..... [-o<