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And it's hello from me

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by diggerdave, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Excuse my poor form for all the posts without introducing myself ......

    • Through my third mid-life crisis
      Information security consultant, architect, designer
      Work in Albert Rd. South Melbourne, commuting along Nepean Hwy from Moorabbin each day, in all weathers
      Abandon my scoot each weekend to bolt down to our farm in South Gippsland
      Got my learner permit in November 05, license in February 06
      Purchased a brand new Arriba 125 in November - fantastic first scoot
      Do all my own minor servicing (no bits left over so far :shock:)
      Lusting over a new scoot now (current favourite Sportcity 250)
      Audio nut - building my own line of speakers
      Always looking for any excuse to scoot somewhere
    Hope to participate in the big VACC scooter rally this weekend - I'll be the one on the black scoot :grin:
  2. heh heh, I was thinking over the last couple of days that you were posting along well and we didn't know much about you :grin: A belated big welcome to Netrider.

    "And it's hello from me."
  3. Welcome diggerdave.
  4. Welcome diggerdave. The Arriba 125 seems a popular scoot. Saw 3 of them on Sunday's Toolangi ride.
  5. welcome digger
  6. Good to get to know you a little, Digger :)
    Go, the scoots! Funny things...