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And it's all right at my back door!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by maplegum, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Great areas to ride I mean...

    I always knew I lived in a beautiful area, but now that I ride, I appreciate it in a whole new way. I live between Blackwood and Greendale VIC, tucked away in the Wombat state forest.

    Last night hubby and I went for a ride to an area we have not explored before. A few back roads led us to the most beautiful little areas. STEEP hills, which really gave me a good chance to practice some new skills. That was fun, but did have my heart in my mouth at times!

    Check out the google map link to see the extreme twisties, although the map does not show how extreme it was. I can't get into google earth so it might give a better view on that.


    It was then a slow cruise though Glenmore then onto Rowsley then back into Bacchus Marsh, the Western Highway and home again. Who knew that these little treasures were so close to home.


  2. Ah yes, it's nice to be spoiled for choice with riding roads; every weekend I enjoy seeing the Sydney riders who have to travel an hour at least to get to the Macquarie Pass, which is 6 minutes from my front gate :LOL:...
  3. Yes, it's a ripper that hill, isn't it? I'm sure you know which one I mean. I hope it's been resurfaced since the last time I was there. (Wasn't so much fun hitting potholes and gravel in the downhill direction.)

    Have a look at the loop around Steiglitz, Anakie, Maude, Lethbridge and She Oaks, too.
  4. There didn't seem to be potholes but there was gravel across the road in places. I was only 'crawling' both up and down the hill there. I tested out that section 4 times in total.

    I've been around those other areas you metioned, we have some friends in Maude although never done it on the bike. If the weather would ease up, I'd do it this weekend!
  5. You are so lucky - I'm one of the ones hornet mentioned, stuck 7ks from the Sydney CBD. Its great during the week but I always wish I was closer to some nice roads.
  6. I think I may have seen you two riding through Bacchus Marsh. Not entirely sure though.
  7. Really? It would have been around 7.00pm or so, maybe later. It was just starting to get dark as we got home which is 20 mins out of Bacchus Marsh.
    I was the rider who made a spastic left hand turn and drove away shaking her head. LOL.
  8. Im a stones throw from the famous Wollombi and Broke so im pretty lucky in that regard too ;).
    Nice being able to go for a ride through the wineries and out through the mountains... at least... it will be if i ever get a day off work.
  9. I was thinking u had a prostate check
  10. I've only got the Mt Archer run and the Mt Morgan range to play in close by. The nice thing is I can finish work, go play in either, do a few laps, and still be home by dark.
  11. or through Durdidwarrah to Meredith then up to Morrisons and the Edgerton Ballark Rd. (Mum lives in Gordon so I ride there a bit)
  12. apart from the risk of being attacked by a black panther,
    you guys are living the dream, beautiful place