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And I now have wheels! GS500E: My new best friend.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Grompus, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. Hey guys :)

    Finally got my first bike!
    yay! cheer! weee!

    Been a while since ive been on here - no longer have the net at work or at home, recently moved and im poor (and have priorities - bike over net, not a flinch on that one).

    Now to the bike:
    1990 Suzuki GS500E
    New discs front and back, new tyres, full service, from a good quality local dealer...

    $2090!! (was $1900 with a new cheap tyre, got a better quality one, and only 1 new disc.)

    I was a bit dubious about getting a cheaper bike, but had some of my friends give this one a bit of a runover and it met their approval.
    Its definately been a learners bike - has a few scratches here and there but mechanically its quite good, feels very smooth to me, good clutch (although needs adjusting a bit, dont like the friction right at the end) and gearbox feels good to me...with new discs it brakes real damn well.

    So took it home from the dealer today, probably a 50km round journey (cant take it straight home, have to do the rounds of friends places and work!). Im at the halfway point now, at mums place writing this while i cool down a bit - boy does it get HOT in all this gear!
    For those who know canberra, I think im going to take it down the cotter on the way home; coppins crossing (slowly, no sillybuggers from me..just yet? ;) )
    And my my...first time really doing anything more than 60kmh, went along a 100km stretch briefly, revs at around 5-6k in top gear (think its 5, lost count hehe) and felt quite comfortable - didnt realise how much the wind blows you about! and its not even a windy day, not by far - hell the leaves arent even moving outside.

    Acceleration...I give my car a gutfull, responsibly of course, but this just...man! give it a squeeze and i feel like if i let go of my legs id be doing the superman thing. didnt even reeealy give it much either, think ill take it pretty easy for the first few months/weeks/days.

    Felt pretty solid around corners, but im still taking it real easy - how long should i the front tyre wear in? its brand new with knoblies.

    sorry cutting short, new best friend calling. going round to their place; cloud9.

    zoom! (safely)

    (might be a while before I can post again, but thanks for wellwishes if they come)

  2. For whenever you get this Grompus CONGRATS!!!!! Sounds like you have picked up a nice unit there. Should keep you happy for quite some time. Enjoy, ride safe and say g'day to your new best friend from me and mine!! :D

  3. Another Canberrian rider!!! WOOHOO! :D :D :D

    Give me a yell and I'd be more than happy to go for a ride with ya mate! I was thinking about getting a GS500F, the newer model with the fairings. I've ridden a GS500E before and I like the torque :)

    BTW, CONGRATS!!! I'm excited too now lol! Cotter, Uriara, Brindabella are all pretty good rides, and so's the one going to Batemans Bay.

    Take it easy, and ride safely :)

    And check you PM, I've sent you my contact details if you wanna meet up :)

    Have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! :D
  4. WOO HOO... :D 8) Nice bike.
    Bike over internet... No competition :twisted:

    Have fun 8)

    Lisa :twisted:
  5. Congrats grompus, and safe riding :)
  6. congrats on the bike .
  7. Congrats on the new bike Grompus!
    Have fun & stay safe :)
  8. Well done on the new bike, enjoy and ride safe.