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And here i thought it was going to be easy...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OzzyDevil, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. OMG i thought riding a bike was going to be ok but ready most of today reading i'm scared Sh*ttless now.. I'm buying a SV650 but i might buy the auto pee wee or stick to the push bike...

    So much to learn and do making my head spin already i will do the Saturday ride and get a mentor to help me with riding if that's ok... All jokes aside i'm dying to get my bike in a few months and the more i learn from u guys i will hit the high ways to go for my big rides... Already have alot of places i want to go and i have a pic of the bike i want...


  2. Just get on the bike and ride, you'll shake your head at scooters and be bored of highways in no time!
  3. So true!
    You'll be looking for those tight twisty back roads!!
  4. The sv650 is a pussy-cat. You'll be right. Stay focussed on the fundamentals and concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing.

    Whatever is going you have just one aim....

    "ride the damned bike" . :)

    And no!...I'm NOT being a smart-arsk.
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  5. Get the bike, post in the sat prac thread that you need an escort in, join us and learn.

    All good.

  6. As Above - What the BOSS said! :)
  7. Thx guys and ear i will be there on Sat prac to learn all i need.. Thx again it means alot to me...
  8. And if you aren't confident riding in traffic to practice start off by using quiet back streets or car parks to build your skills.

    While you are trying to develop the basic skills your mind will be focussed on them and not on the traffic, which can lead to bad things.

    Once you get some basics, then try sneaking out into light traffic. Build up gradually with baby steps. You will be fine. Just a question of putting in the time and practice.
  9. As GreyBm mentions, quiet streets, or commercial/induatrial estates on weekends are a great spot to practise on roads. Where are you located?
    For prac sessions I generally meet people at DFO Essendon on a sat morn, theres another meet point off the western ring road, so, read, listen, and yes you will get a headache from what you need to remember. One thing to consider, did you run first or walk? Same thing here, we have all gone through what you are about to, tell you what, the smile on the dial is well worth it!!!! :)
  10. I live in Altona North not far from Altona Gate so i have alot of back streets and i have willy altona and all them places... For the first time in my life i want to be free some people i know that have bikes i ask them what it's like... They tell me it's like being free and it's so fun and it's way better than driving a car... I know it's all a learning curve and i want to do what ever it takes to learn the baby steps so i can be the best ride i can be...

    But i have been reading the forums flat out still lol..
  11. The ramps on the car park at Altona Gate are fun.

    Bunnings in Millers Rd has a big car park.
  12. Yiu've got the right attitude. Treat the early days seriously, so can bedrock those skills in. You are signing up for a lifetime of learning. There is always something to be learnt from every ride you do, regardless of experience, and sat sessions will get you off on the right foot...

    You'll meet some good people, with their heads screwed on right.
    I've been at it for a long time, and I'm excited for you. :)

    A few important things... Leave your ego and pride at home when you get on your bike, and be prepared for some embarrassing moments...everything you do, smart and dumb, has happened to us all. :)

    You'll be right. :)
  13. Yeah i'm very excited and i so can't wait... My hardest part atm is thinking of buying the car and bike or just buying the bike and just use that.. I don't care about rain or anything like that... I want to ride and learn and really get the most out of my bike... I have been ready the forum not stop of all the thinks i want to know and yes i will do them sat sessions coz it's all about learning... I need to calm down i'm excited and it's doing my head in not having a bike lol...
  14. Aint that the truth!!! :rofl:
  15. Sounds like you have the right outlook to be a rider, so dive in and enjoy.

    Caution is great, especially when you're learning. Fear is not. Always know where one stops and the other starts as being timid on a bike isn't good for your skin.

    Ask questions, don't be afraid to be the slowest rider. Everyones view on this last bit can be different but to me riding is a solo sport. I do it for me, so advice is great but I have no need to compete.

    Welcome, have fun and keep it shiny side up.
  16. Don't fret. It does get easier.
  17. Reading all this makes me remember how excited I was when I was just about to start learning. I still feel excited with just the thought of a ride even 4 years later. Have fun, its a big learning curve but if I can do it, anyone can :)
  18. Thx guys it means alot.. Last night I thought of 1 problem turning left will be on of my problems.. I'm left handed and turning that way is abit hard right turns r great.. I'm thinking of learning them on a push bike I know I have done them before so I might give that ago :)
  19. Mmmm...I appreciate that you don't care too much about the weather...in that case, I strongly recommend that you purchase a dririder jacket and pants set. The upper market models, that are waterproof, have the inner lining that can be removed for those days that are not so cold but very wet. And get a few neck gators.
    I have ridden all day in torrential rain, and stepped out of them DRY. And they prevent being frozen provided your gloves are similarly designed. Bitterly cold hands and feet, are serious problems on a bike.

    On a cold day, when there's a wind and it's pouring rain for the ride to work or back, you will be thanking God that mankind has progressed far enough for such brilliant kit to be available. :)
    Regrettably you are getting your bike heading into the winter, and that is a harder road to follow. Winter is far more challenging, and there is more potential danger. But getting through winter and spring, you will be a much better rider when summer comes.