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Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. and after my gpx was sent off to another l plater's hands...(hope all is well with ol' red as to memory the bloke whom purchased it was a NR member..all i can say of him is with knowing what issue's it had and him riding it home to gosford area...*tips hat* he had balls....)

    i spent around a month without a bike...and then two days after christmas my grandma who i'd been caring for/living with had passed away finally as the cancer was just too aggressive this time round...so understandably i needed a bike asap as being stuck on lockdown in this house was a mindfu(k...and what do ya know...who of all people came to my rescue ...Fookin' centrelink...continued my carers pension payment for 14 weeks after i informed them...and then gave me a lump sum payment of bout 3.5k as bereavement allowance ....so after spending a few days (saying i was impatient is a severe under-statement) i was dead set on another gpx...bugger all kilometre's and only 6 years old as opposed to my old 98' model....but...it was near tweed heads..and that's a trip the ms's wasn't willing to do - so

    I then one morning tracked down a zzr 250 ...94 model...yes...she's a old girl..with 35k on the clock...no rego lol for 2k flat...hooked it up..meet up with the fella and his partner at parramatta (he had supposedly just lost interest in riding) after me mate had a test run on it (i trust his judgement over mine for now) and gave it the thumbs up...coughed up the cash..signed the papers...and rode the new "ol' red" back home to penrith ...went out the next day.....pink slipped in 5 minutes...then green slipped n rego'd for 6 months...done n dusted...AND HERE SHE IS...IN ALL HER GENERIC ZZR GREATNESS
    and these poor lil guys are the result of my first night run with her top gun style past richmond raaf base at 2am

    all i can say about this bike...is...it's already saved my life ****ing once after i had to drop from 80k's to 0 when a ute cut across from the inside lane across two lanes and into a side street last week...****ing scared the nuts off me had death wobbles with the handlebars whippin back n forth (possibly my influence there shit happened too fast i'm unsure) evidently my previous **** ups taught me how to handle such situations better...and i managed to avoid any harm to myself or others

    apologies for the massive rant here guys...it's been awhile since i've pestered you all, just had to catch up.
  2. ..................................
  3. I can only assume that you are still on restrictions, so had to buy another 250? Either way, even with the (cough) average photography, she looks like a sparkler (y).
  4. Its cute how it matches the car. Admit it...that's why you bought it
  5. lol apologies for the dodgy photography was just going to have a rant about me having a new bike and my near crash last week...then realised it was kind of pointless and there would be requests for pics...so just grabbed the first one i saw - which was evidently the only pic i've taken of the bike so far =/ and aly - i just thought it was apt replacing ol' red (red gpx) with ol' red snr......but i do like pulling into the driveway and seeing them together.... hornet...yep still on restrictions...although i have no real desire to step past anything bigger than maybe a 600 and even that's a stretch...i can lose my license on a 250's capabilities....and yet still have fun playing around with all the gears...

    don't see the point personally in having anything bigger than a 600cc bike where it's far too easy to either lose my license (in 1st/2nd gear?!?!) or completely write myself off as you see written time and time again that the bigger machines just aren't as forgiving - not saying i'm not trying to learn as much as possible ...just saying i have no desire to find out what a large bike feels like when it throws you off unless it's a big brick of a cruiser
  6. I'm not sure that bigger bikes aren't more forgiving, but I know what you mean. I've had my 600 for nearly 7 years and 110,000kms now, and while there's nothing I CAN'T do with it (only booked once, and that was truly my fault, and COULD have been a lot worse if the cop had not been a very understanding older motorcycle cop), there's no doubt that a 1,000 does everything that much better again, plus being more able to get itself OUT of trouble with mid-range torque, whereas a 600 needs close attention to the gears and rev-range, if you know what I mean...