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And God Said...'let There Be Rain'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Guys just a nonsense thread but i feel its worth sharing with you.

    yesterday we had a day to do something nice. it was gonna be 36 degrees, which is hot, but not insanely hot. we could have done something safe and logical, like going to the beach, but we saw that the 'cruiser club in sa', had a ride to Milang (140kms or so up the road), going the long way.

    so we suited up and went along. by 3.30pm on the way back we were feeling it badly. then as we turned the corner (still 30kms away) into Clarendon (boutique little country town nestled in A grade riding territory), this stream of stuff was coming down from the big trees.....i thought it was cocky shit from a hundred cockys being dumped on us, but soon it become stronger and then it was clear that it was RAIN....we lapped it up for 1km getting cooled down, and by the end of the main street (1km) it totally stopped. just what we needed.

    my 'feel good' story for today.

    back to normal serious mbike discussion now........
  2. I forgot my wet weather pants so it's gonna be a soggy ride home if the weather pans out s it does this afternoon here in melb
  3. A wet arse and no fish for you Smee.
  4. It's ok, today is 32 and stormy.
    Perfect riding weather.
  5. See, the gods do favour us riders. They saw that you were hot and bothered and gave you a quick shower:)

    Last week the forecast was for a chance of showers, so I left my wet gear at home. Turned out to be more a chance of thunder storm. To top it off, a rider and car incident slowed down the Monaro to 30km/h.

    Heavy rain, slow traffic but by the time I got home, I wasn't that wet and only a few minutes late home. Maybe I should wear board shorts under my draggins for these occasions hehe
  6. Had the rain chasing me from Gembrook to Kinglake yesterday. Finally caught me at Greensborough on the way home.

    We went up one road that the local shop told the lead rider was sealed all the way. Well it wasn't and we turned around.
    No more than 4 minutes later we were retracing our steps and the road had gone from bone dry to slippery as and we hadn't seen a drop of rain....
  7. the rain we had was more like mud drops, luckily it didn't rain going home. Was a lovely ride home via the scenic route.
  8. Yeah. I didn't get rained on myself, but my bike got 'mud dropped' on. I'd only just given it the annual full fairings-off bath and washed all the bugs and mud off it on the weekend too. :(