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And down we go... engine problems from a drop?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jitboy, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Well wouldn't you just know it, picked up my brand spanking new GSXR750 about a week ago on Friday. Took it around on friday night just carefully getting used to it. Then on Saturday I arranged to go out with a mate just up around Mt Dandenong to get some of the wax off the new tyres.

    Just as we were pulling out of his driveway I manage to step on this piece of guttering as I'm slowly walking the bike backwards while sitting on it. Lo and behold the metal guttering isn't secured and buckles under my foot with my foot and ankle firmly wedged in the gutter now. Now not being superman or anythign I'm unable to hold up the BRAND NEW bike on the side of my foot stuck in a gutter and down we go. I distinctly remember thinking on the way down "OMG I can't believe it I haven't even had the bike for 24hrs and I'm dropping it!"

    haha now whilst lying on the ground still with the foot stuck in the gutter and the bike now on top of my leg, I'm thinking geez lucky I got oggies fitted at the dealer. But as we pick up the suzi we notice the right oggie fell into part of a flower bed and thus did nothing at all! lol

    No major damage cosmetically, just a few grazes... I think me being under the bike helped. But I'm noticing that the bike is running a bit rough, and has developed a resonant whirring noise at certain RPM. Also under constant throttle the engine will give an intermittent cough, almost like a misfire. What kind of damage can you do to engine internals from a 0 kph drop?

    *sigh* the joys of being a bike owner... gotta love the adventures!


  2. Bummer mate, don't ya hate it when the shiny new toy gets scuffed... I'm no help on the machanatronics of the bike though... sorry.
  3. The resonant noise happen at RPM standing still or moving? Could be something loose under the fairing. Could be in the donk too. Any more info?

    Rough running - mm, not sure. When it's happened to me it usually clears after a few minutes.

    At least you can have a chuckle at it all - all the best with it :)
  4. Yer the resonant noise only happens when cruising at about 4500-5000rpm. As soon as I get off the gas it goes away, hence why I think it may be engine related.

    Roughness can that be due to injectors being outta whack? or something taken out of balance? I've never had a fuel injected bike before.

    Hahha yer you gotta laugh. Still managed to go up and down dandy straight afterwards. So that's gotta bring a smile to anyones face. :LOL:
    hehe sure feels different to my old RGV!

    Might just have to let the mechanics know at first service, I think I'm almost half way to the 1000km anyways.
  5. It may be that a bracket is damaged or similar.

    Also I'd be checking to make sure all the electrical connection and hoses were good.
  6. Who said you needed oggies when your legs could do the job?
  7. The exact same thing happened to a mate of mine tonight, although his was an older bike, so we think the problem in the engine is a bad spark plug lead. However, being a new bike I am guessing this wouldn't be the case. Sorry.
  8. if you've only had it for 24 hours, how do you know the noise isn't normal?
  9. Was the engine running while it was on it's side? If so, how long was it running for?

    If it wasn't running, then I doubt you have done any long term damage - but you may have knocked something lose.

    Most engines are designed to run in only one position. If it was running on it's side and the oil pickup was sucking air, then the top end was getting no lubrication - which can quickly kill an engine. 10-20sec is probably okay, but over a minute isn't so good.

    The only other thing I can think of is that you may have knocked a bit of metal from initial engine wear somewhere where it's not supposed to be.. if you have any mechanical knowledge then replacing the oil now may be good preventative maintainence.
  10. Hi Shane,

    The same thing happened to me when I got my 01 GSX-R1000 9 months after purchase,
    accept the thieve had the honour of dropping it when he tried to carry it out of my yard.
    It sustained a unrepairable frame rattle due to this. At the time, I thought it was far more
    serious (gear box etc).

    Are your headers (ie exhaust pipes) dented/squashed ?

    The whirring and misfire you described as something my 01 GSX-R1000 did.
    Typically the whirring will occur in first gear. This is normal.

    The best thing to do would be pull off your fairing and have a look for damage.
    If everything looks ok, then I doubt there will be any damage.

    You are still running in your bike, anything is possible. Due you your accident,
    your senses are probably more acute to noises than normal. Happens to all of us.

  11. hmm interesting thoughts.

    Well I've still been riding it since then without too much drama, just cruising with the whirring noise at 80kph is pretty irritating.

    I put about 120kms on it before i dropped it, and from memory the noise turned up immediately after the drop. haha but the increased attention to noise and wiggles is a good point.

    cflake: I hit the kill as soon as i hit the ground from memory. but the engine wasn't running anyway. perhaps tilt angle sensor?

    fred_croft: I don't think the damage to the 750 was that bad, it only has really minor scuffing thanks to my oggie leg.

    will give the beast a wash on the weekend and will check for loose buggers. if it was something external was loose I would have expected the noise to appear consistently though? I only get whirring when throttle is open and cruising around 4.5 - 5000 rpm. roll off the gas and the noise goes away.
  12. I find rev specific rattles are almost always something loose rattling away with the level of viabration in that RMP range, and very rarely have anything to do with the engine.

    Example: I had a similar experience with my old car making a huge rattling noise at about 2500 rpm. It sounded like the poor old shit box was about to fall apart. I found the problem to be a loose screw in the bracket that held the ashtray in place. 2 turns of the screw driver and everything was roses. :)

    Moral: Don't panic, just keep looking until you've exausted seemingly everything, then look at the bits you don't even suspect. :)