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And another....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Who got up early, went out, rode the spur's and didn't crash!!!!

    Great day, left home at 7:45, went up the Reefton, brekky at Marysville, home via the Black Spur, repeated the last bit about 5 times, up via Toolangi, down via Chum Creek and home through Yarra Glenn. Had great fun (and managed to wear a little bit more off the sliders) and just loving summer.

    So, anyone else have a cracking weekend?

  2. Lots of em here are having a cracking weekend.

    They are cracking bones & fairings :(
  3. i went for a ride to Eildon on the bike this morning to get the paper, loverly mornings ride nearly skittled a Huge red belly black snake just before Snobs Creek ,i was there and back before any of you had even left down there,then i jumped in the car and went to ringwood and back and met a few Net Riders at Bub's servo at Healesville then back over the spur and enjoyed watching the riders coming back down the spur,love the roar of the bikes as they pass by..
  4. I got up early and rode today with the MRAA to Portsea, didn’t make it but didn’t join the current trend and crash my machine either.

    But it did breakdown in Farken Flinders of all places, and RACV Motorcycle Options cover will cost you a bit for a tow if you’re outside the Metro area as they will only take you to the nearest service depot for free, nothing that a vehicle service depot can do for a bike, so a useless feature of that cover.

    Upgraded to Total Care tonite, hopefully nothing serious with my bike, Farken Embarrassing a flatbed pulling up outside the Flinders pub and its you who stands up and acknowledges the driver.

    Commiserations to all those that bingled their bikes this weekend.
  5. Yeah..... I rode to work at 730 and rode home from work at 6. Fantastic day...............NOT! :mad: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. Much crap on the road through Reefton CJ? Any cops?
  7. Hiya Cam,

    Nah, it was really clean. You could tell where the bikes had been though (even at that time) because one side was swept clean and the other had some leaf litter. Nothing too bad. I stopped and picked up a fallen branch on the run up to the Lake Mountain turnoff as it was on the exit of a blind corner (my one good deed for the day) and that was the last of the bad stuff.

    Did you get out at all?

  8. i had an awesome weekend.. got the accross doing crap wheelies and generally touring round dandenong etc with a couple of mates. i wanted to go for a fang up mount dandenong, but my mates both ride 250 cruisers (el250 and a virago) and weren;t interested in doing any twisty bits, disspointment for me, but had a top weekend. prolly put around 500k's on the bike and at no stage had a reason or destination for anything. was great.
  9. LOL :LOL:

    I can imagine..

    Total Care is good bro.. Much better value. I've got the same & make
    good value of it.

    Unlimited km's towing in metro will be perfect bc Xtra Care will only
    give you about 20

    I call on avg once a month.. You's piss yourself if I told you some of
    the reasons I've called :grin:

    Had a couple of patrolies who havent been happy with me when they
    turned up at my house :p

    Gotta make sure I get full value from it :twisted:
  10. Mate, once I've got a ride, & ya going past Dandy, come by my place
    & I'll go along wif yas :cool:

  11. lmfao@the gif. noice.

    ill be out that way fairly regularly... we have decided that we are gunna do a weekend ride once a month or so.. i live in hoppers, 1 of the guys lives out thatw ay and the other lives in geelong.. next month we are gunna go cruise geelong, you know.. warm weather.. go visit some beaches and stuff hehe.. of course, i wanted to gop down the great ocean road and stay at wy river river, bt suddenly no one has camping geat.. bastards.
  12. Had a great weekend! Rode to Anglesea with Mel on the back and stayed at a friend's beach house. After a relaxing morning at the beach we rode to Lorne and then back to Geelong and home via Winchlesea. Roads were clean and dry, the traffic minimal under the circumstances and the cops left me alone. :grin:

    Just a side note, as you know the speed-fixated panzer division are down there in large numbers and there was a Deceptercop (my terms for unmarked revenue raisers) on a maroon BMW K1200 hanging out in Lorne being a pain in the arse for a number of riders.
  13. hehe... yeh a clip of a pig chasing me :LOL:

    Yeh no probs. I'll add U 2 MSN & we'll organise a ride.
    Sent you my details as well :wink:
  14. I had a good one, got out on Man Bag for the first time in months! (Well first real ride)

    Croydon > Mountain Highway > Mount Dandenong > Monbulk > Mount Evelyn > Wandin > Warby Hwy > Yarra Glen > Christmas Hills > Kangaroo Ground > Warrandyte > Home.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Then out to Seaford and back this evening :grin:

    A great day out on the bike. Certainly was good to be back on my steed of a Man Bag. :p

    All she needs now is a good service which is next week!

  15. we went down through Flinders, pub doing a roaring trade, lots of bikes..... ran the sweepers, then a couple of up and downs on Arthurs Seat, back through Flinders again, I swear the same bikes were still parked at the pub...... must have been Duhast waiting for the tow.

    Found a nice straight bit coming home, now I know what my bike will do....wa'fcuk'n'hoo.......
  16. Me and Mizz zzr both upright ,1 wallaby scared shitless ,christmas hills,healesville,powell town,launchingplace,nooje,mt baw baw.Sorry to hear so many bikes down this weekend :cry:
  17. 240 on the speedo of an E1 only reads 227 on a GPS.

    Take care.