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And another thing I love about bikes...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ngalbrai, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Is just how damned friendly people are that own them when you show an interest in what they are riding.

    Stopped a chap this morning when he had parked up on Sussex to ask him about the custom Deus i had been eyeing up for the past few weeks. After a second of awkwardness as I was on a pushbike at the time (he was probably expecting some abuse or something) had an interesting chat.

    Turned out he had done most of the work himself, very interesting conversation, good start to the day - felt a bit emasculated though as the most involved bike mechanical thing i have done so far is fit ozynobs and proudly purchase a torque wrench...

  2. haha. I too would like to be a little more "manly" when it comes to mechanics....

    I think people respond like that when you show interest in what ever it is they like/have. It's a nice easy way to get someone in a relaxed mood. I don't know too many people who aren't passionate about their bike tho, so, it's a great topic to start with.
  3. Ah, I see you have a CB400 there, great choice they are awesome aren't they. How do you find the windshield you added [cb400 fanboy conversation ensues - fade to close]...
  4. I finally convinced my flatmate to get his licence and we went out last night, we were riding down pitt st, me on my DR650 and he on his CBF250, and some hot chick said "nice bikes" even though obviously they are not.

    My flatmate is just amazed about some random girl talking and smiling. I just said you better get used to it now :)
  5. Love the cb400. Amazing bike. The screen works really well. When I got it, I just asked for a screen, (total noob). He sourced one that wasn't too expensive. Ended up with that one. It's not as nice as the standard honda ones, especially the way it uses up handlebar realestate, but, it was 2/3rds the price, and is much higher, so offers better wind protection. In the end, I'm quite happy with it. Now I just need some heated grips....

    haha... that wasn't in the brochure...
  6. Just tell him to watch out for the random girl in the Hyundai Getz who's changing lanes in to him without indicating while she is applying her makeup, eating her bowl of cereal, and texting her boy toy about the amazing night she had last night....
  7. Another thing I love about bikes is chicks dig them. I started chatting to a chick who parked her scooter next to my bike. After a few minutes I wished her a nice evening. I rode off to a friends place and thought about my encounter a little longer before deciding to go back and leave a note. 2 days of texting later, we went out.

    She ended up being much older than I remembered by the moral of the story is - chicks dig bikes.
  8. if I had the balls to leave a chick a note like that I'd totally do it
  9. I once left a bird a note on her car, was staring at her in the maccas for ages and knew she was my type.

    2 nights of lurking outside her house later, and I got issued a summons.

    APVOs are slack.
  10. What, was she wearing a full-face helmet the whole time?
  11. Nah, I guess it was one of those - looks good at sunset from 2 metres but up when up close "wow, you're 6 years older than me" moments.

    I definitely got overly optimistic about the scenario before the second encounter. Nice girl though.
  12. who the fuck cares if she's 6 years older than you? you don't throw the opportunity to get some good loving away just because of age.
    she probably has a thing or two to show you in the bedroom.
  13. Had a similar thing happen last week that took me a bit by surprise.
    I had to go grab some ham or something from Woolies so the misses could make the kids lunch for the next day. Figured I’d use the opportunity to get some night riding in, so off I went. Get to Woollies and wander in to the the deli section with the big jacket on and carrying my helmet - probably looking like a right muppet in my tracky dacks.
    Anyway, chick in the deli spies me and asks what I’d like. placed my order and next thing she is bloody hitting on me!
    I’ve been married for 13 years - I didn’t know what to do haha! I reckon I went redder than a tomato though :D
  14. And another thing I love about internet forums... is how a thread can divert off into other interesting topics at a moments notice.

    Turned up for a first date on bike, wasn't planned, was nice day and figured better first impression than Ford Fiesta*. Date didn't go well and nothing came of it but definitely registered a very positive reaction for her when she arrived as I was nonchalantly sitting astride my parked bike, helmet hanging on bars.

    Helps when girls don't know much/anything about bikes - "yes, yes, its the Honda Widowmaker [blah, blah, shit off a shovel, helluva fast..insert further bullshit here]".

    *generally accepted stereotype that guys with flash cars are compensating for lacking in the manhood department - so why is the converse not true that guys with small, gay, practical cars aren't assumed to be hung like rogue elephants? Only used that as a date gag to good effect once. Just saying...
  15. Lol. You've obviously never been on a netrider overnighter....
  16. Considering most netriders are guys, I'm going to politely ask you to not elaborate.
  17. I was thinking that myself.

    On a sadder note though - on a vespa I used to have girls come and chat to me all the time - on the bike only guys come to chat to me - still good to have a yarn but I reckon if you are riding (even partly) to pull chicks get a scoot.
  18. ^ This. And my boss thought I was losing the plot when I told him Vespas are probably the biggest chick magnets on 2 wheels :-s
  19. That does it I'm getting a Vespa
  20. Would you like a purse with that, sir?

    LOL nah, I kid. I actually love their retro look, and was even planning to get one myself for my first bike. Strangely enough, after sitting on a number of bikes, cruisers and scooters, I ended up with a GS500F (I was so sure I wanted either a scooter or a cruiser too) :p