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and another one today!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kramer, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. just heard on the news before, a guy was killed this morning in toowoomba after his bike hit a ute. the 2 occupants of the ute were unharmed.

    the motorcyclist was 23 years old.

    was a beautiful day in toowoomba today, where i live.

    be careful out there! :(
  2. Bummer :( really not a good year for motorcyclists at all. Having said that sometimes we're our own worst enemy. Due to rapid acceleration, high manouverability, good braking and a thin profile we do tend to take chances a lot more than we should I reckon.

    Noticed today too that the squids are out in force too, hope for their sake they don't go for a bitumen slide.
  3. Condolences to family & friends!

    Please take care all!
  4. My 9 year old and I went for an hour or so drive today on the Ringwood side of town. He counted 36 bikes, of which 21 were squids.

    We have a looong way to go people.

    Sad news Kramer.
  5. Indeed the squid count was pretty damn high today think the only non-squid I saw was a bloke on bay st (pt melbourne) on a new augusta decked out in draggin pants and joe rocket - anyone here fit that description?
  6. Hmmm.

    A new MV, Draggin pants, Joe Rocket...does 2 out of 3 count? :LOL:
  7. Can someone please explain how you get squid? Is that how they look after they kiss the ashphalt at 60k's or something?

    I only saw about 3 bikers today & only 1 was in shorts & t-shirts.
  8. A squid is someone with a hard head (helmet) and floppy (no protective clothing) limbs :)
  9. Condolences to the lost riders family and friends.
  10. i was a squid, until i saw the pics in the thread "this is why you should wear protective clothing".

    that was really a wake up call :)
    now protection takes precidence over bike buying
  11. saw alot of bikes out today, but i was in my car with my g/f.

    there was a accident where a guy came off his bike, rounding a slow corner. looked to be single vechile, probably a highside. he didn't look too worse for wear, as he was sitting up, and he wasn't a squid. probably a bit shaken though, and he was riding with another guy.

    in reguards to the original accident, apparently the guy was doing 120+ kph, in a 60 zone, and hit a toyota ute at an intersection. the bike went under, and he went over, about 50metres in the air. the impact was hard enough to overturn the ute onto it's side :|