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and another newbie...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cossie, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Ive been lurking for a little while now so thought I'd better say G'day.

    Im just about to get my 'L's and get my ass on a bike, mainly for commuting as Im sick of sitting on the Monash 'free'way for most of my life :evil:

    couple of quick questions...

    how much am I looking at to get kitted out with helmet/clothing etc? I dont mind buying 2nd hand but not much seems to come up very often :?

    How long before bikes start getting cheaper due to winter?

    I'm probably looking at spending about 3k on the bike and want something that looks half decent...zzr, fzr, cbr, gpx etc Im not too fussy about cracks/scratches etc as long as its mechanically good.

    what about road trail bikes? Im quite tall (about 6'2) and it seems a lot of tall people have comfort issues with the sporty 250's. which road trails are any good and how do they compare pricewise to the 'sports' bikes?


  2. Welcome cossie!

    I suggest putting aside a good $1k to start of with. Bear in mind, if you commute or do long rides throughout the year, you'll prolly want to buy both summer and winter gear. Although some equipment will be interchangeble (Eg. helmets, boots, etc). And jackets to some extenet. If you become a paying member of this forum ($5 for membership card)you're entitled to ~10% discounts at Bikemart in Ringowood along with other goodies from the site sponsors (see links directory)

    Spend the most money you can afford. Sme second hand gear are ok like leathers, but helmets are a big NO NO. Buy a brand new helmet. Think about it, do you want someone eleses sweat/dandruff/lice on yours?

    I'll let the more mechanically minded to comment on bike types. FWIW, I ride a Spada. It's a naked bike that has done 40k and has not once missed a bit.

    Hope this gets the info ball rolling.
  3. I'm in the same position as you, and my shopping around research has told me to expect to pay ~ $800 to $1000 to get fully set with a good summer/winter jacket (removable liner, vents etc) a Helmet, gloves, boots, and pants. if you get 'em all from the one place, it's pretty likely you can cut a deal and save some cash.
  4. Welcome to the forums Cossie!!

    Good luck with your L's.

    :D :D
  5. Welcome :D And good luck

    Lisa :twisted:
  6. cheers guys (and gal! :wink: )

    also forgot to ask...

    how much is bike rego these days?

  7. Welcome to the forums cossie..
    Not sure if a 250 is any different but my bike is Vic reg $429.20

    ohh and that should be cheers guys (and galsssss)
    Lids, sweetLisa and myself are gals.
  8. cheers Realm :D

    I've just bought a block of land in Cranbourne Nth, so maybe I'll see you on the road!! :) (I live in Narre Warren at the moment)
  9. Welcome aboard mate,