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And another new one...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rokster, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Hey there to all,

    Another new one to the group... been on a bike for near 20 years now... Z750, Z1300, VF750 Sabre and ZZR1100 in the past. After an absence of 8 years ( mainly spent traveling around the world ), I've recently bought a BMW R1150R , and love the feeling of a bike under my bum once again.

    Can't remember where I heard about the site, but D Stump's story had me come out of lurk-mode.

    Looking forward to meeting up others.. be it for a coffee, early morning breakfast or longer ride

    Be safe
  2. Welcome to the mad house, nice bike by the way!
  3. ITS NOT MAD... :LOL: its fuity nut!!!! Welcome!!!
  4. mad house??? who said that? i here voices. AAaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhh

    Welcome aboard
  5. Was this moved to Site Discussion or just posted in the wrong area?

    Anyway, welcome aboard man :)
  6. crazy, me? Never! 8-[
  7. Thanks for the welcome...

    I love the bike, the color scheme ( burnt orange ) makes it a bit of an eye-catcher. It's a bit heavy going into corners, but once you're used to that it's a beaut to ride. Loads of grunt when you need it( though no match for some of the crotch-rockets ! ), relaxed riding position, heated grips.. all the things that add up nicely.

    Voices ? Must be mine you're hearing... glad they're feeling at home already !

    Keep Safe
  8. Another subtle BMW :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Welcome, catch up with us at one of the Sydney events :)
  10. What can I say... the bike is special.. just like it's owner ! :grin: :grin:
  11. Thanks Paul, will do that !

    What do I do to get that 'NetRider member' tag in my sig on the side ?
  12. It's OK - there's just some comments about BMW styling and subtle graphics in another thread here at the moment... :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Bugger that's all we bloody well need another "special" friend :roll:
  14. welcome to the asylum. hope you enjoy.
  15. Hey Rokster, after paying your 5 bucks click on another's member logo and put in your mebership number and password. then you can display your very own mber logo. Best $5 I ever spent it's already saved me hundreds off gearing up.

    Oh yes, welcome.
    Did you do any riding OS?
    Looking forward to hear great stories from a land afar.
  16. [IMG:65:56:6a7604902e]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/sgcooke/Smiles/sigs_misc_001.gif[/img:6a7604902e]

    Welcome Rokster

    Who said we mad? ahhh yes matti-san did. Only a mad person would say that :p
  17. Thanks to everyone for the welcomes !!

    im.on.it I've been on a bike in South Africa ( hate to admit that I'm from there at the moment ! ), most of the rest of southern Africa, UK and France.

    UK is pretty much the same as here... a bit more wet weather of course, and the roads are marginally better. France... once you're used to going around the roundabouts the wrong way ( ie... anti-clockwise !!! ), it's pretty straight forward.

    South Africa... you need b@lls of steel to be on a bike there these days. When I got my license back in '86, it was pretty easy. You could get your L's pretty early.. 15 if I recall correctly, and most boys did - however you were limited to only a 50cc. Once you turned 17, I think you could transfer to an unrestricted license, which basically just meant a test similar to the 'P's here. Learned to ride on a Honda MBX50, and later had a Yamaha DT175. Round the same time we also bought an XT660 Tenere for use on the farm. So that's my early days in a nutshell...

    Well, back to modern times. A life is worth nothing in SA. The taxi's drive as if they are actively trying to get you off the road. There is simply no way that I would risk being on a bike in SA at the moment.

    Will tell you more over a cold one someday... until then, keep it safe !
  18. I see u got the member logo up. good show!
    Round-abouts the opposite way huh? That might suit me I prefer circling anit-clockwise.

    I plan on travelling the world and riding where ever I can. France is on the list (right up there now) North America on the list too. just gotta graduate from a 250 first.
  19. Welcome........

    Post W