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And another down on Mulholland. Anyone up for a stab?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ljiljan, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Seems a bit tight, but definitely didnt touch the brake. Lost the front over the discolouration. I suspect there may be a bump there.
  2. It was commented that the bar turned the wrong way,don't know if that was the riders input or the front tucking under
  3. I saw her push her left hand forward going into a right hander then loose the front
    turning right to go right = nono
  4. Looks like gripping the bars too hard and pushing with outside hand? Also surface does look a bit shit where she came undone.

    I'm always wrong when it comes to this game though.
  5. I think there's too much peer pressure on that road.
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    She was pushing on the bars, and hit a bump.

    Enough to bring the front wheel unstuck.

    Whats also interesting is how her right arm skin was exposed when she hit the road. She tucks her gloves in like I do, which I find far more comfortable.
  7. how did you manage to find that?

    Eevn though skin was exposed, between the gloves and the leathers I think she would have had a decent buffer from the ground.
  8. her ambition outweighed her talent
  9. The link was in the original video.
  10. maybe she had cold tyres
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    That's a fantastic clip, excellent detail. What we need now is a similar clip of a rider who is both going faster, and makes the turn. The differences will be become obvious I'm tipping. I think I remember seeing an R1 drag a knee around the same corner and a kitten died.
  12. That corner is a kitten abattoir.

    I seem to remember a comment from a local who said that the camber of the road is deceiving.
  13. This cager failed in even more spectacular fashion. Guess the car hes driving, and you would have thought that a near fail with the guard rail had curbed his enthusiasm.........what is up with Mulholland, it seems like idiots rule the road there.

  14. The bloody kittens look safer than the riders there.

    Eh, maybe it's the kittens who are taking out the riders? Maybe the prophecy has come true?
  15. Is that a monaro? WTF?
  16. @Azn: and look what he's driving... a commodore.... What a chump....

    EDIT: @Stoked: actually it looks like a "gto" which is the american version of a bombodore.
  17. Munro's are designed to be driven on the left hand side of the road, it's only natural it would end up there.
  18. I think there's a bit of a bump there, and a change of surface, and it wouldn't surprise me if the tyres were cold. The speed was low, the lean angle wasn't huge, yet it let go suddenly and completely, which says cold tyres to me...

    [edit] As for the guy in the GTO, he's in trouble all the way through that corner. He nearly understeers off at turn in, he's taking several bites at it through the middle, the back shifts once near the exit and he gathers it, then it goes again at the exit and he can't get his head around the idea that he needs lots of opposite very quickly, and finally, at the point where it was clear the car had gotten away, there was the chance to jump on the picks and have a harmless pirouette in his own lane, but he didn't think of that.

    Ambition outweighed talent ... yeah. I guess that's one way you could put it. He was just in way over his head.

    The guys standing around watching their bikes get clobbered - well, why were they parked there? To see some idiots? Guess they saw one.
  19. Oh geez that fat dude looks pisse, clearly his ambition outweighed his talent.
  20. yeah seppo monaro. Two door commodore.

    I still don't know how the **** the car ended up there. It looks real muppetlike.