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And a Merry Xmas to you too! [updated]

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Got to work this morning and having our usual morning banter about the silly season about to hit here big time, and the boss says "hey Bob can I have a word for a min"
    Me thinking... oh great im heading out west again, most probably too the Lightining Ridge job and I have to leave asap.

    How wrong I was

    Sorry to be the one to tell you, but even though your a real asset here and can work wonders out in the field, were just not getting enough work in to be able to keep you on "sorry"

    So it's clean out your tools from the service van, call Nadeen tell her and to tell her I'm coming over to grab her car so I can fill the boot etc.

    So with xmas so close I got buckleys of reemployment till the new year

    Now where is that bottle I was going to crack open next week?

    F**king economic recession :evil:
  2. Bob, I swear you must have killed a whole generation of Chinamen :(.

    Try and have a good Christmas anyway, and don't let it get you down :).
  3. Mate that blows big time. :(

    I find it hard to believe that a compnay can justify letting people go this close to christmas.

    Given that this is the time places shut down and staff take annual leave, the only real cost to the employer would be your christmas bonus (if they pay one).
  4. That sucks, Bob!
    Pretty crappy time of year for it to happen, too.

    Best of luck finding another job soon!
  5. yep that sux bob, hopefully you have anough leave to carry you through till mid jan to late jan when people normally look to re-employ
  6. Sorry to hear that mate.

    Shit of a time for it to happen.
  7. Sorry mate, but a Man with your skill level will get another gig really easily.

    If you still have that Wine that I left there, now is a good time to drink a few.
  8. Sorry to hear that Bob. The timing seriously sucks.

    Best wishes for the season & the job hunt mate.
  9. Bollocks Roger, the man needs his eyesight and mental capacity to go job hunting, and an excess quantity of Pinot Del Roggio is a direct threat to both of these.

    Bad luck Bob, that sucks. Worst time of the year to cop that sort of news. Then again, a bunch of free time in Summer with the Waterfall Way at your doorstep... I can imagine what sort of Christmas you'll be having, and it don't sound that bad to me!
  10. I dont know you, but sorry to hear about this.

    I hope you get a better, higher paying job in the new year :)
  11. oh man that sucks!
    here's hoping that you're not out of work for too long.
  12. Loz, look at a calendar. Bob might as well stay drunk until next year.
  13. Remember he does ride the v8 of motorcycles..... probably eats about a weekly salary of fuel to go one way only :LOL:
  14. Not drinking your special red Rog, I like my brain matter where it is :grin:

    As for a few trips up and down waterfall way loz? I'd love too but my baby is all but sold and although I trust myself, it's Murphy I hate and i dont need him to sour things :? :LOL:

    By doing it this way my ex boss gets out of paying me:
    Xmas bonus
    Xmas Leave [ we where shutting down next tues till the 5th jan ]

    As I was just 1 day under the 1st 3 months .... No pay in lew
    So all get is a weeks holiday pay :evil:

    Thanks for all your sentiments everyone, but I'll bounce back next year in the meantime I have plenty of xmas cheer in the pantry.... even 6 bottles of Rog's red, if I get desperate enough :LOL:
  15. Hey Bob, weren't you coming down to Melb. over Christmas?
  16. Thats still on the cards, just have to sit down and look over the $$ again now, I may have to put in contingency plans just in case work don't come as quick as I hope. Still got mortgage payments to cover in the meantime. :cry:
  17. Let me know if you come down. I imagine that you have somewhere to stay.
  18. That sucks eggs bad Bob.
    Why oh why do employers announce redundancies before christmas?
    Arseholes the lot of them.
  19. It seems to be an American thing which like most things American, is catching on here.

    Best wishes, Bob and good luck for the New Year.
  20. Now you have a genuine reason to get out of buying christmas presents!